Ideas for a Meaningful Experience with AI at OE Global 2024

Here I am again trying to stimulate discussion about ai here, hopefully not annoying my good friend and guru @poritzj

We are fully expecting some to many ?? sessions on this topic at the OE Global 2024 Conference --hey, have you looked at the call for proposals? If getting to Australia is beyond your means and resources, can you suggest ways we can organize to participate from afar?

I would invite any here to help brainstorm/dream some kind of activity / small scale application of generative AI that would give participants a direct experience. Admittedly, I have nil technical experience/knowledge now to make any of this happen, but I did turn to someone that does, our OE Global Board member and most likely attendee at the conference, @moodler

Martin did speak during an OE Global Voices podcast episode earlier this year of his research interest in AI on local devices AND something more like a coach.

I asked him by email for ideas, which I will share some below (shared with his permission)

I do like the idea of a bot (LLM + RAG database + chat interface) fed explicitly on all the conference proposals that OEG has ever had, seems like a good start to make it relevant … The key thing is to find a good purpose for interacting with it, otherwise a lot of work could be done for something that feels kinda useless and meh. Wary of solutions looking for problems …

A few random ideas that could be possible and practical:

  • an app (either on device or just a website) that knows the conference programme. So whatever session you’re in, it shows you people and past sessions that are most relevant to this talk.
  • Live AI translation/subtitles on local devices (this is something I need to work out anyway for Moodlemoot Global in Mexico for October).
  • Recording all the talks at the conference and combining them into one AI talk (with an AI script/face/voice) that tries to represent/summarise the total conference.

So let’s say we made something that made use of content we can know the source, and have permission to use (conference abstracts are submitted with an understanding they are CC licensed), and if it was done not in the giant pool of commercial AI content, but something we managed…

Before we get to the techy hows and such, what might be a good purpose / use that would be worth trying this? What can we do to add value /meaning to the body of content in conference session descriptions, either just for this year, or going back in time?

Ideas are are more than welcome, they are extremely desired – enter yours at that reply button.

Way beyond my understanding level, but this seems like it’s relevant.