Inviting 294 UNESCO OER Implementation Award Winners to a Podcast Recording!

We are starting to plan our 2022 schedule of the OEG Voices Podcast and like last year, we hope to include several episodes with OE Award Winners.

That presents an interesting challenge for the winner of the UNESCO OER Implementation award – since that was given to the 294 presenters at the OEGlobal21 conference!

That would be quite the challenge to not only record but imagine how many emails it would take to schedule it…

Remix of Pixabay microphone image by Pexels with Pixabay lego crowd image by Eak K

Instead, we are inviting all winners to record a 3 minute message introducing yourself, sharing the topic of your award winning presentation, and anything else you would like to add about your work/interests in Open Education and the connection to the implementation of the UNESCO OER Recommendation.

Some options for sending us your audio:

  • We have set up a Flipgrid where you can directly record your audio (just set the recording options to mic only) and use the guest code UNESCO2021 to access the reply feature.
  • Or you can record 3 minutes of audio any way you can or with the web-based Vocaroo, send to me directly via @cogdog or email to

Mostly we just want to have as many different voices of winners as possible, even it makes for a 3 hour podcast.

Please record and send your audio by April 2, 2022 so we can assemble and publish in mid April


Great idea Alan - and what a challenge with 294 of us!
I will try to leave a recording today, while I have a time window as I don’t want to miss this chance to participate.
Look forward to seeing the final podcast in April!

Thanks for joining in Laura! We so appreciate how active you were in this space during the conference.

Now, we just need 293 more…

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A big thanks to @arasbozkurt and @LauraHenderson for being the first two responses! I will be sending them (and everyone else who sends their audio) a link privately to hear all the submissions.

Only 292 left to go…

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Thanks a lot @cogdog wonderful idea. Love it And I will contribute for sure

Thanks @jsebesta1 for posting your audio, it’s perfect! And you cannot be downplaying your talent. I will share a preview with you.

That makes it 290 left to go to fill the podcast.

Lovely idea @cogdog great initiative! Please count me in, I’m happy to contribute and to share an audio :slight_smile: Looking forward to our further collaboration! Best, Christian

Thank you Christian and we appreciate your enthusiasm. Wishing you the best, looking forward to hearing your voice and more connections.

Thanks for those who have sent clips already, we have voices from Spain, the UK, Switzerland, and the USA.

We have room for hundreds more and will collect them through April 2 and publish as an OEG Voices Podcast by the end of that month.

We have a few more, including our first in Spanish. There’s lots of room and time. You can anticipate more requests from me! I’m aspiring to record all 294 of you.

We have room for a few hundred more recordings! Extending the time to share one through April 2. And for a bit of inspiration, here is a sampling of the messages already received.

Again, you can record you audio directly in FlipGrid (which is not always the most intuitive platform). There is no need to join, from that link use the Guest Password option in the bottom and enter UNESCO2021 For audio only, click Options then Mic Only

Or just send an audio recording directly email to

All will be edited together into a new episode of OEG Voices to be released first week in April.

Please share an audio file and pile up the work on our audio editor- they love the work.

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Thank you for adding your recording @josielm much appreciated-- it in the collection linked just above. The door is still open for more.

Done! :grin: Thank you for the opportunity

That’s wonderful, thank you Melissa and Nichole for sharing your audio about Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom. I am eager to edit this episode together and share it back here.

Thanks to everyone who responded, your voices have been published as OEG Voices Episode 35

And for those who missed the call… we will not leave you out, we have set up a new FlipGrid where you can contribute your responses, and will keep it open until we have enough for a new episode.

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