Keynote Panel: Transformation and Empowerment: Open Education Professional Development

Session Description
This round table discussion will engage participants in exploring six different open education professional development initiatives;

  1. Creative Commons Certificate
  2. eCampusOntario Extend
  3. SPARC Open Education Leadership Program
  4. Professionalism in Open Education as part of Regional Leadership in Open Education initiative
  5. Open Education Network Certificate in OER Librarianship
  6. Teacher open education training in Brazil

Discussion will compare and contrast these initiatives including:

  • Needs that led to creation of open education professional development programs
  • Similarities and differences between these programs including target audience and format
  • Ways in which these initiatives promote equity in access, meet people where they are at in their journey, and encourage completion of professional development
  • Uptake and impact of these professional development offerings
  • Surprises, lessons learned, COVID impact, ways in which the offerings draw on or create OER
  • Future directions and opportunities for collaboration between these initiatives

JOIN the Panel ***Monday, November 16, 9 am Toronto-Ontario, Canada (GMT-4).

Meet the Panel

  • Quill West, Open Education Project Manager, Pierce College, Professionalism in Open Education project leader Regional Leadership in OER (RLOE)
  • Sarah Cohen, Senior Managing Director, Open Education Network
  • Lena Patterson, Senior Director, Programs and Stakeholder Relations, eCampusOntario
    • Running the Ontario Extend program, a broad foundational digital fluency program for educators which integrates open practice throughout.
  • Jennryn Wetzler, Assistant Director of Open Education, Creative Commons
    • Running the CC Certificate program which trains academic librarians, educators (and anyone interested!) on copyright, open licensing, and ways to engage in open communities.
  • Tel Amiel - UNESCO Chair in Distance Education, Associate Professor University of BrasĂ­lia. Through the Chair and the Open Education Initiative we have created and offered online courses, workshops (both online and face to face) on open education and OER to higher and basic education, institutions and government.
  • Tanya Spilovoy, SPARC, Co-Creator and Instructor, Open Education Leadership Program

Looking forward to being a part of this conversation.
The application deadline for the Open Education Network’s Certificate in OER Librarianship is Friday, Nov. 6 in case you are looking for a way to grow your expertise and be a part of a cohort experience. More information including FAQs, cost, and application details can be found on our website:


Thanks for posting these details on the Open Education Network’s Certificate Sarah. Wonderful opportunity to acquire open skills and expertise!

One sleep until the OEGlobal Conference! Looking forward to this panel chat tomorrow with these wonderful colleagues. I’ll be sharing the story of Ontario Extend, a professional learning program developed by eCampusOntario designed to build the skills, knowledge and attributes to teach and learn in a digital environment. Watch our short intro video (below) to learn more or visit: So what does all that have to do with open education? I’ll explain tomorrow :slight_smile:


Looking forward to our session today! For anyone interested, you can find out more about the CC Certificate program here:

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Video of the session:

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Here is some of our preliminary work on competencies in three professional roles in open education. Thank you all for a wonderful conversation about Professional Development and Open Education. We’re excited to continue our work in the Regional Leadership in Open Education Professionalism work group.

I regret missing this panel session (was facilitating the Ontario Extend session happening at same time) but so enjoyed hearing the recording.

We have a lot of fantastic programs, certifications described here, especially in the skills and practice of creating/producing OE and in leadership. My interest is what we can do as suggested by several (or all) here in terms of connecting or creating networks of practice, or leveraging the potential of mentorship @Lena mentioned.

I think I will jump this over to the topic @Jennryn started in the Convo and Collab area…

Thanks for fitting so much into a one hour panel.