🦻 OE Global 2021 In Many Languages

This organizing committee for OE Global 2021 Conference solicited presentations in as many of the six United Nations official languages as possible.

While the majority of webinars and presentations are in English we are proud to have on the program at last check

  • 1 webinar and 4 presentations in Arabic
  • 1 webinar and 5 presentations in Chinese
  • 2 webinars and 8 presentations in French
  • 5 webinars and 15 presentations in Spanish

For these sessions, the titles are written in their language with English translations in parentheses.

All of the conference materials here in OEG Connect have been tagged in their respective languages to make them discoverable:

You are invited to use these same tags for any topics you create here.

Special UNESCO Session

Make note that the Dynamic OER Coalition webinar is being hosted by UNESCO. This is one session where live translations will be available in the 6 UN languages.

Languages Within OEG Connect

Public domain image from Free*SVG

Within OEG Connect, you can adjust your profile settings to translate the interface (menus and buttons, etc) into your preferred language. To make this change, go to the Interface settings in your preferences via https://connect.oeglobal.org/my/preferences/interface, and select a language.

I can tell you from experience if you experiment with a different language interface, it can be challenging to change them back with all the buttons are in bosanski jezik (Bosnian)!

We have not yet enabled automatic translation of content within OEG Connect, but you can make use of the Google Translate Extension for Google Chrome.

Because of the dynamic way the Discourse platform presents content, it cannot translate an entire page. But if you select words, sentences, even a few paragraphs, and click the extension icon, it renders at least a translation that can help you understand a language that you do not read.

Speak Here in Your Preferred Language

We hope conference attendees both use language to reach out to each other and connect. We like already seeing colleagues welcome each other in Spanish and @Enkerli has cast a call for those who speak French.

We are excited to see more conversations here in many languages.


Love this, @cogdog! :heart:

For those of us who use Firefox, there’s also Simple Translate which is open source and is highly rated by users (4.8 stars out of 5 based on 1000+ reviews).

Simple Translate is also available for Chrome and Edge, both with similarly excellent reviews (even better, curiously, than Google’s own official extension).