OEG Live: A Framework of Open Educational Practices for Responding to Generative AI in Education

Yes there is much discussion, concern, worry about AI in education, and that is a good thing as we seek to share and understand this fast moving trend. That’s why we are very excited to bring you this live, open conversation with three educators – Anna Mills, Maha Bali, and Lance Eaton who speak from their experiences teaching with AI this year.

This is not focused on tools, but what is relevant for us, an approach grounded in the ideas of open educational practices. Our three guests will be sharing from their recently published Journal of Applied Learning and Teaching paper How do we respond to generative AI in education? Open educational practices give us a framework for an ongoing process

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  • Anna Mills @annarmills English Instructor, College of Marin, Kentfield, California, USA
  • Maha Bali @mahabali Professor of Practice, Center for Learning and Teaching, The American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
  • Lance Eaton, Director of Digital Pedagogy, College Unbound, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

This conversation being offered in conjunction with and participants from MYFest23 (Mid-Year Festival) the “recharge and renewal experience” offered by Equity Unbound.

We highly recommend reading their paper available open access licensed Creative Commons CC-BY!.

cover of How do we respond to generative AI in education? Open educational practices give us a framework for an ongoing process

With the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, the field of higher education rapidly became aware that generative AI can complete or assist in many of the kinds of tasks traditionally used for assessment. This has come as a shock, on the heels of the shock of the pandemic. How should assessment practices change? Should we teach about generative AI or use it pedagogically? If so, how? Here, we propose that a set of open educational practices, inspired by both the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement and digital collaboration practices popularized in the pandemic, can help educators cope and perhaps thrive in an era of rapidly evolving AI. These practices include turning toward online communities that cross institutional and disciplinary boundaries. Social media, listservs, groups, and public annotation can be spaces for educators to share early, rough ideas and practices and reflect on these as we explore emergent responses to AI. These communities can facilitate crowdsourced curation of articles and learning materials. Licensing such resources for reuse and adaptation allows us to build on what others have done and update resources. Collaborating with students allows emergent, student-centered, and student-guided approaches as we learn together about AI and contribute to societal discussions about its future. We suggest approaching all these modes of response to AI as provisional and subject to reflection and revision with respect to core values and educational philosophies. In this way, we can be quicker and more agile even as the technology continues to change.

We give examples of these practices from the Spring of 2023 and call for recognition of their value and for material support for them going forward. These open practices can help us collaborate across institutions, countries, and established power dynamics to enable a richer, more justly distributed emerging response to AI.

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And yes, this is the second live show we are doing on the same day (schedules happen). Don’t miss the episode 3 hours earlier when we hear about the projects and outcomes from our first group of OEGlobal Interns.

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If you enjoyed this fabulous trio they are making an appearance tomorrow on the Future Trends Forum for a discussion on this paper, and likely how much has happened in the span between the conversation we had.

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Where: https://shindig.com/login/event/openeducationandai