OER in Ukrainian to help Ukrainian children and youth refugees

Dear everyone! I just recieved an invitation from Norwegian Educational Authories, to join a meeting tomorrow together with a lot of publishers and developers to look at how we can provide Ukrainian children and youth with educational rescourses, as a part of Norwegian governments preparations for recieving refugees from Ukraine.
My organisation, National Digital Learning Arena, really wants to help, and besides offering our own open resources up for translation, I wanted to use this wonderful network to ask everyone for help in collecting available OER in Ukrainian that can help Ukrainian refugees in all countries in the time to come. You can post resources here as links, or maybe OEGlobal would like to set up some other way of collecting what’s out there? I don’t know, the most important is to find the resources, and offer them to educational authories in all countries that will recieve refugees.
Fingers crossed!


Thank you, Margreta for putting this call out. If anything calls for a global community, this crisis is it.

Let’s get started by asking widely for responses, interest, before picking a collection means. Please let us know after the meeting what is most essentially useful as OER for learners? Is it stand alone lessons / activities in Ukrainian? Smaller size media, content? What levels, topics are most useful?

And there are many projects out there addressing the needs of refugee learners. We can learn from them.

For now we will aim to draw attention and raise awareness, and especially with Open Education Week coming up- thanks NDLA for taking and active role.

Please everyone, reply with ideas, suggestions, contacts.


Looking quickly at Refugee Education organizations, would be good to hear of what others know of these


e,g, Kiron looks interesting- who knows of them?

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This is just what I was looking for: Free educational resources for Ukrainian children - Education without backpacks
Please share in all of your networks.

We added a real-time translation of our native English OER pages into Ukrainian. For example: https://socialsci.libretexts.org/?mt-language=UK

This real-time translation is active on our SocialSci library for 62,000+ OER pages. We will expand it to the entire LibreTexts corpus (~1/2 million pages) ASAP. We need to do a little modification to handle the equations properly for the harder STEM pages.

We have been working on making our homework system polyglot for Spanish; we can focus on pushing that to Ukrainian if this is also useful.

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That’s amazing, Delmar, I can only go by translation back via Google, but this really puts the LibreTexts content to wide use.

Here’s the Bookshelves content for Communications, Це виглядає цінним, якби я вмів читати українською