Ukraine OE/Volunteer libguide?

I’m wondering if anyone has put together a libguide of OE resources or other ways that people can volunteer their time and skills to help Ukrainians/refugees?

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Hi Robin! We are seeing much interest in putting open education to work in this situation.

There was an initial call for action here from an organization in Norway and more responses to a topic we started for Open Education Week.

A number of things are happening here- if you have suggestions, especially for how to mobilize translators or location relevant OER, please share in one of those topics.


I feel frustrated every time there is some major humanitarian disaster, and all it seems like I can contribute is money (which, shockingly, as a librarian I don’t have a huge amount of… who would have thought librarians don’t sleep on beds of gold?) …Anyways, I want to do more. I was thinking in terms of volunteering with upper-level English courses (I’m not a certified ESL instructor, but could work at it). Or perhaps even instruction on more basic topics using google translate? Maybe even a pen-pal type program for students AND for instructors- although I’m sure that displaced Ukrainian teachers are very busy, I think there is something to be said for developing inter-personal relationships, and though it might only be on a small scale, it might help increase empathy and understanding among people who are so thoroughly distanced from the reality that refugees have experienced.

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I’m not sure if this has been talked about, but after attending a virtual project muse event, this was pointed to as one of the examples of humanities in OE, and I thought there might be interest here as well: