OER23 conversations from Inverness, Scotland

There’s been this thing happening in Inverness this week where open education has been the topic of deep conversations and discourse. So many threads link to this OEGlobal community.

It’s so worth sharing some highlights and insights. I’ll post some thoughts, but there’s a stream of items on Twitter (#OER23) and Mastadon (#OER23). For those who haven’t seen this event, there’s an archive of over ten years of conference sessions, blogs, and open education thinking. Open Education (OER) Conference | Association for Learning Technology

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Thanks for the bridging of the OER23 conference here, Helen. It absolutely looked wonderful like the past OER conferences I was fortunate to attend, there is always a lively spirit in the people who show up, and the cross-connections with GO-GN added a very positive element to the conference.

The timing did not work well for me to see the events live, so am trying to catch up on the recordings, I can’t say the Kaltura experience was very good, but at least I could catch some of the sessions. I do note that the ALT team reports that recordings will be made available on YouTube in May, so much will be available soon.

I just watched the recording of “Ukraine librarians setting the stage: advancing OE as a tool for inclusion and overcoming language barriers during the ongoing war” with Tetiana Kolesnykova, Paola Corti and Mira Buist-Zhuk as this was something I got to hear first hand when we recorded the OEWeek recording session with Tetiana, Paola, and Mira.

I really appreciated seeing the photos Tetiana had shared that really and accelerate visually the impact of what she and her colleagues at the UKUST faced and accomplished. I nabbed a few screenshots!

This stands out for me as such an inspirational story of resilience and openness together.

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