:async: Open Educational Resources at National Ilan University

Authors: Dar-Yeong Ju, Yen-Fu Chen
Institutions: Center for General Education, National Ilan University, The Center for Digital Learning, National Ilan University
Country: Taiwan

Topic: Applications of Open Education Practices/Open Pedagogy/Open Education Research
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Facilitating int cooperation
Session Format: Poster


This video-poster demonstrates the way the professors and staff devoted in making OCW and MOOC courses at National Ilan University. The content will show how Open Educational Resources (OER) at National Ilan University (NIU) has designed, developed and transformed along with the change of digital learning technology and related pedagogy.


OCW, MOOC, OER, digital learning

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Thanks for your interesting and watching. “About NIU (National Ilan University)”, “What NIU did …”, “What NIU has …”, “NIU’s vision @ OCW …”


The virtual video facility is impressive. Can we see more examples of how it is used in different subject areas? How are productions planned with professors?

Thanks for your interesting and asking!

NIU uses the virtual studios to record MOOCs courses. From 2019 to 2020, NIU also produced the digital courses internationally with Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry in Vietnam. :earth_asia:

The virtual studios of NIU is not only for recording courses, NIU also use them to record different themes such as promotional videos, live broadcasts and etc.

In the recording course part, the preliminary process is a bit complicated. There will be several digital course planners and lecturers who will discuss the content of the course before recording the course. Then make changes to the lecturer’s presentation’s file. After confirmation by digital course planners and lecturers, they will enter the studio for recording. After editing, post-production, re-confirmation… and other steps, the digital course video will be completed. :tada:

Welcome you and your colleagues to visit NIU for more information and actually experience the virtual studio. :grinning: