Open Recipes (like real food)

…oh… and… could you all consider to upload your photos to Wikimedia Commons (I am here to help if you need this!)?

Oh I love the idea of coordinating some conference Wikimedia Commons contributions. I see it overlooked as one of the easiest ways to be part of the Wiki ecosystem.

Maybe we can organize a campaign during the conference to see if we can collectively contribute say 1000? more? images to the Commons? If you can write this up as a new Convo and Collab topic we will work to promote, with some instructions.

I post mostly on Flickr as CC0 and often use the tool to add to Commons. And it’s been a while but I always liked the approach of using the WikiShootMe — is that still around?

This would be a great asynchronous activity to run here

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Hi! Great idea! I am mostly wikipedian, not wikimedian, but of course I train people how to upload and use Wikimedia Commons. So I think I can provide some basic information in separate thread. I don`t know WikiShootMe (I have to ask my fellow ‘commons-ers’ about it). If you want to upload a great amount of files, you can use pattypan tool.

I woke up to find three bananas on the counter turning tell-tale dark colored. There’s one thing to do… make Banana Bread! My go to recipe is in my favorite category- Small Number of Ingredients and Steps.

One thing I have discovered is that in cooking not everything is written in stone. I found in the comments a recommendation to use baking powder instead of baking soda. So my printed version has that updated in pencil.

I also add things in to the final mix- today it was a handful of mixed nuts and about 1/3 cup of frozen berries.

This was mixed in about 15 minutes and I was eating a fresh slice in an hour.


OK, this is really funny. Yesterday afternoon, I decided to make a kugel, just because my wife likes them and she’s been working very hard lately and I thought it would be a nice treat. I consulted the recipe in my mother’s handwriting, which we have on the wall in our kitchen:

It came out very well, we all enjoyed it!

Then I saw your post, cogdog – coincidence? fate? are kugels the OE Global default food?

Here’s a funny story about my mom’s recipe: my mother had a very successful legal career in the state of New Jersey, USA. She was chosen as Attorney General by Governor Christine Todd Whitman – and, for the first time in NJ history, there was a woman as Governor and woman as Attorney General. The Newark Star-Ledger, one of the big newspapers in NJ, wanted to interview the two of them, presumably to talk about two accomplished women in government. When the reporter showed up, the only thing he was interested in was if these two women had favorite recipes! They looked at each other with incredulous expressions, and finally the Governor talked about cooking on the grill and my mother talked about noodle kugel. Sexism, much?

So, I give you “Can’t Get No Respect Kugel”, by Jonathan Poritz, licensed CC BY-SA 4.0 (because kugels should always be shared, even if they are derivative):

(Adapted by replacing the white raisins with regular raisins (who keeps white raisins in their cupboard?), adding chopped dried apricots, and replacing the almonds with pecans.)


Id like to share our lunch last sunday, my wife’s version of a traditional dish in Costa Rica, “Olla de carne” a meat soup with vegetales, with a side of white rice and ayote (not sure how to translate ayote, but it’s like a pumpkin).

It is said that you can wake the dead with this soup!


“Open as in kugel” that’s too good! Let’s hope we’ve come farther in attitudes since what your Mom dealt with.

I can’t wait to try this recipe! Thank you for sharing!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

Today, stepping up my crumb game…
Flour the chicken. Egg the chicken. Breadcrumb the chicken. Take it slow, actually. You want it all to stick, and layer on top of each other. One hand for dry, one hand for wet. Otherwise fingers take off bits of the layer. Season the crumbs well. Oven, 45 minutes, 200°C… oh, and the potato slices rolled into leftover crumbs for seasoning… buon appetito, mos.



Yum, hope you don’t mind unexpected guests. I’ll be right over! :grinning: :wine_glass:

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you know you’re always welcome, and expected. Thanks for having me part of this, also. Each year has meant we are all more. Open is working. :wink:
Hope to introduce you to Kelly and Mlungisi, our current OEIs, presenting on Friday.

Buon appetito!

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Thanks for this, I just started being vegetarian this week, I’m looking forward to trying that!

I don’t have a special family recipe but I can share this recipe we are having for dinner and it always turns out great:- Pesto and walnut crusted cod

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@Alegria ¡eres lo máximo!!

Trataré el tip para cortar la cebolla. :rofl:

…y qué gran sorpresa las palomitas del final. Nunca he probado el ceviche así, pero lo haré y te cuento.
Muchas gracias por compartir tu receta.

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Pesto is a beautiful thing itself, and ridiculously easy to make. It’s my go to for pizza sauce. Red is so boring.

I have a fancy Vitamix that’s my workhorse (yeah they are pricey but my friend Eric told me about buying a factory refurbished one) but it seems doable in a regular blender. I use this recipe:

I do like the pine nut flavor, but mix on or substitute walnuts, cashews, whatever is in the pantry. And lacking basil sometimes, I find spinach works quite well too.


Oh my! I see why this thread is so popular. Salivating.

As I am too tired to make any of these at present, I have to double check, this forum isn’t disappearing any time soon, is it?

In the meantime, I am off to satiate the late night cravings that this has caused with some fresh fruit salad and homemade chocolate sauce, and then tomorrow or Friday I will start brainstorming on a recipe to share here.

mmm … I love cod. Will definitely have to give this a try.

Any chance that your wife is willing to share the recipe? Would love to try and make this.

And might I add, you are one lucky fellow, Mario, to have someone in your life that feeds you so well.

Looking forward to that, Klare. I have fond memories of the dishes in Poland, particularly the brunch, which was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

And yes, I feel your pain, as I just discovered this at 9:25 pm and am too tired to make anything just now.

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Shaking my head, Igor. tsk tsk tsk At least you are doing better than my Dad, who could only make toast and coffee. Mind you, his coffee was awfully good.

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