#OpenVoices Project: Amplifying Global Perspectives of Open Educational Practices (OEP) through Podcasting :sync:

Verena Roberts (Thompson Rivers University), Nicole Neutzling (University of Calgary)

As we consider how to globally build OER capacity by being accessible, inclusive and equitable in multiple learning contexts, this presentation amplifies the potential for podcasting. Podcasting provides a cost-effective means to develop an open portal for developing relationships, co-designing learning, sharing knowledge and building digital communities to amplify a range of perspectives (voices) on the topic of Open Education and how it is envisioned and expressed in each unique context. This Global Open Graduate Network (#GO-GN) Fellowship project, called #OpenVoices will highlight the potential of podcasting through research and data collection for the current impact and use in practice, examples from OEP focused collections as well as sharing resources to create your own podcast within your personal learning context. This presentation is an update of current research and potential OEP empowered by the multiple voices podcasting affords.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_76.pdf 📄

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@n.neutzling @verenanz (Hi Verena!) I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday. I’m teaching a graduate course on Language, Literacy, and Educational Technology. One of the topics that we explore is Open Education and OER, with a focus on K-12 education. I’d love to include one of your podcasts as a required “reading.” Do you have a website where they are hosted? (I apologize if I missed it during the presentation!

Thanks so much! This is really exciting work!

Also, be sure to check out my asynchronous activity with @skatz "Brainstorming for a Special Issue on Intersections of Open Education and Equity Pedagogy We’d love to have you contribute to our special issue!