Brainstorming for a Special Issue on Intersections of Open Education and Equity Pedagogy :async:

Stacy Katz (Lehman College, CUNY), Jennifer Van Allen (Lehman College, CUNY)

In preparation for a special issue titled Intersections of Open Education and Equity Pedagogy, this session is designed to bring together potential authors to share ideas, develop outlines, and plan for manuscript contributions to the special issue or other publishing opportunities. The session will encourage collaboration and allow for informal discussion among potential authors.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_10.pdf 📄

Activity Details

UNESCO OER Action Area: Inclusive and equitable OER
Format: Asynchronous Interactive Activity
Language: English


This activity can be completed at any time during (or after) the conference.

Instructions and materials for the activity will be added below by the authors. They will provide specific details on how to participate and what to share back as a response to the activity.


Welcome to our asynchronous interactive activity space! We are guest editing a special issue of the Journal for Multicultural Education on the Intersections of Open Education and Equity Pedagogy. In this activity, we provided resources for learning more as well as brainstorming and collaboration spaces for potential authors.

These resources are available on the padlet -

View the full CFP - The Intersections of Open Educational Practices and Equity Pedagogy | Emerald Publishing

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Stacy, Jennifer, I really like the way you’ve structured this interactive activity using Padlet. Thanks for modelling how an asynchronous activity can work. Especially like the way you’ve invited Brainstorming ideas and topics related to the call and expressions of interest in being a collaborator - great stuff. I hope there are lots of suggestions and collaborators.

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Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for the great compliment! We recently added a video to the Padlet welcoming everyone and providing more background on the project. We can’t wait to see what the OE Global community shares.

Jennifer & Stacy

Great to see your session here. It has given me a bit of a nudge to give the special edition some more thought. I’d like to contribute a view with a higher education context, and have added a comment to the Google doc.
Sarah :slight_smile:

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for participating in our asynchronous activity! We’d love to have you contribute to our special issue. Although we emphasize K-12 education since we see a need for more work in this context, we also encourage and place value on the work that is being done in higher education as well. Thanks so much for giving it more thought!

Jennifer & Stacy

Hello Jennifer & Stacy!

I agree with Paul - the padlet was super easy to follow and it inspired me.

I have to admit that I am exhausted and would need some extra support with thinking through my submission. My K-12 OEP focused dissertation has many connections to equity, including a final project that evolved into An Open Education for a Better World project: Storytelling and Perspectives | Open Education for a Better World

Would you be willing to meet and connect with me so I can get motivated and organized?

Thank you for your kind email earlier Jennifer - I could also contribute about the #GO-GN Open Podcasting project … so true …

I also worked on the #GO-GN Picturebook project:

Maybe something that considered multiple examples… ?

I guess I just need some help getting started … now that you have motivated me :slight_smile:

Verena :slight_smile:

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Hi Verena! Glad that the CFP has inspired you :slight_smile:

@jennifer.vanallen and I would be happy to meet to discuss these possibilities. All of these ideas sound fantastic and very much in line with the special issue.

Feel free to also share these ideas on the brainstorming google doc OE Global 21 Brainstorming for a Special Issue - Google Docs since there might be a collaboration partner available through this process :slight_smile:

DM or email us and we can set up a time to chat!