Please Say Hello, Nǐ hǎo, Guten tag, Kia Ora, Hola, Sveiki, Ahoj, Bonjour, Namaste

Welcome Saša, we are glad to found this community space.

Your story of a creative project of open sharing that reached maybe beyond your expectations are the ones I enjoy the most. And that is a clever name for your project, “Walls Talking” – I did find the site in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

Please feel welcome to use OEG Connect to share current projects or ask questions or just join conversations.

Thank you Alan. :slightly_smiling_face: Lots of handy resources and interesting conversations around here. Also thank you for the link - I haven’t thought of the Wayback Machine…

I must be dreaming! Great to see @Downes here! My whole research is based on theory of Connectivism. I hope I will catch my breath and interact once the butterflies and excitement settles!

Hello everyone, I’m the new lead for the MoodleNet project for open educational resources. :wave:



Welcome, Paul! I saw a very early version of Moodlenet, please feel welcome to share more about the project or let others here know how to be involved

We are about to release v2 for testing after going back to the drawing board. Lots of work to do but it promises to be a great open source platform that you can use yourself and connect to other installations to share content.

I’m regularly editing the MoodelNet Dev docs and this will include how to test and get involved once we’ve released.

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Thanks Paul. We will keep an eye on the Dev docs and if there’s anything we can help with as a community, let us know.

Dia Daoibh (Hello/God be with you all). In Irish God is kind of woven into the language which can seem a bit odd in this more secular age but I think of it as more of a feature than a bug.

My name is Eamon Costello and I work in Dublin City University Ireland.

I am interested in all things open as I work mostly working with distance learning students.

where you benefited or experienced something unexpected from an act of openness.

Not sure, but maybe feeling connected to a group of creative people who have strong values centred around helping others.

Look forward to participating (mostly probably by lurking!)

Deleted my previous post as I messed up the formatting :slight_smile:


"sawubona" meaning “hello” in Zulu from South Africa. I hope to learn and share my knowledge with this community

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Welcome and Howdy, Eamon, and happy to see you here. I might need some guidance on the way to say Dia Daoibh that I would be just flows easily for you.

I can say I have gained from the openness you have shared like your speculative fiction approaches. Please explore and chime in anywhere.

PS- I mess up my formatting on a regular basis.

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Welcome to this space, Vusi, and many thanks for the Zulu hello. Please share freely anywhere in OEG Connect.

¡Hola! I’m so happy to be here and share this amazing site for the OEGlobal Conference. Cheers to all!

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And we are happy to see you made it here and also hope you have a fantastic conference experience.

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Hello all. Greetings from Abuja, Nigeria.

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Welcome back! Sending warm greetings from Saskatchewan, Canada directly to Abuja.

We hope you and everyone here for the OEG 2021 Conference will add themselves to our padlet world map


Hope everything is fine! Greetings from Brazil.

Good to be here again.

Excellent OEG 2021.


Hello hello!
¡Hola a todo el mundo desde Rocha, Uruguay!

It’s really nice to meet you here :star_struck:

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

Desde Costa Rica, el saludo popular es: ¡Pura vida!


My name is Kate Richardson, and I live in Connecticut, U.S.A. I work for Springfield College as an instructional designer.

Open Education is important to my work in higher education, because our Content Developers are encouraged to use OERs almost exclusively in the development of our online and blended courses. On a personal level, OERs are important to me because sustainability is important to me, and I think that the curation of high-quality OERs can be one way that I can contribute in some small way to indirectly promoting environmental justice one day. For now, I’m just gathering all the information I can.

When teaching abroad, I have benefitted from the informal sharing of resources among a group of peer teachers.

I’m new to OERs as a movement, so this year I would like to use this community space to gain a sense of the momentum in the field and gain a sense for the variety of expertise that exists.

Looking forward to learning from everyone!

Hello! My name is Kelly McKenna from Tampa, Florida, USA. I am with the IEEE and oversee IEEE REACH, ( Thrilled and honored to have an opportunity to present in the conference, which would not have been possible without the collaboration of others across the globe. I’m looking forward to gaining knowledge during the conference and meeting others with similar interests. Grateful. :slight_smile:

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