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Hi Kath and welcome to OEG Connect. This community can be a bit sprawling but I hope you ask good questions like that. This seems like a really good topic on its own, so I started a new thread here

It would be helpful to know more about your interests and maybe what brought you to OER. And then maybe what are you most keen to learn- -e.g. how to create your own OER? How to reuse? Where to find OER in your discipline?

I hope we can get you some answers.

PS- bonus points for having a pup in your avatar!


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Thanks, Alan - for the bonus pup points in particular! :heart_eyes: Have posted to the Practical channel that you started and welcome all inputs - excited to be taking a leap and creating a resource!

All best

Hello from Nantes city, Salha from Sudan…

Xin Chao! From Hanoi, Vietnam. I’m an alumni of the OU, #MAODE where I first discovered #OER. Now working in a small K-12 IB continuum school and following on from the recent #ALT #OER2022 conference, am really enjoying the conversations around #OER.

I recently gave a presentation on and about the platform “Gather.Town” and worked with the #K20education who are working to find applications in education using this #metaverse, #web3.0, #blockchain technology. Would be happy to hear and share more ideas on how this platform could be used for OER.