Request a Digital Badge for Sharing an Asset for #OEWeek 2023

As another OEWeek digital badge we are offering one for those who have contributed a resource/asset Open Education Week 20223

The digital badges we are issuing via Canvas Badges (formerly known as Badgr) where your badge is a verifiable credential with evidence of this achievement. They can be shared anywhere open the open badge standard is supported.

See below for how to obtain your Open Education Week 2023 Resource Contributor Badge

Badge Criteria

If you have contributed a resource for OEWeek and it is available on the web site , you can claim a badge!

  • OEWeek Resource URL Your resource has been contributed to the OEWeek site and is listed in the published resources . Thus your event is available at a web address like
  • Brief Details Shared Let us know below any responses you have gotten or anything that has happened as a result of this shared resource. Or just describe how it has been used / reused since you have made it available.

This badge can be yours by just replying to this message. Please share something about your asset and the link to it on the OEWeek web site.


This is a educational blog .

Many thanks Vandana, the digital badge has been sent to you via email, Thank you for sharing during Open Education Week.

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Thank you for this badge

Can individual contributions earn a badge .
OE URL : Open Education Week - Open Text book on " Mitochondrial Inheritance"
Short Summary : This open textbook on mitochondrial inheritance attempts to unravel the basic concepts about mitochondrial DNA ,its inheritance and mitochondrial genetic disorders . Mitochondria are unique cellular organelles in having a DNA of their own. mt DNA mutations accumulate during human life and may contribute a wide range of pathologies. Thus understanding how mt DNA is inherited has wide implications across medicine.The book also features with interactive exercises

This topic will be part of curriculum for most Undergraduate and Post graduate programmes in Life Sciences.

Absolutely yes, all contributors of assets can earn a badge for sharing an asset. Yours has been sent via email.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you. That’s indeed very encouraging. I received the badge . Shared in my LinkedIn too


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Hello Dear
As a contributor didn’t receive any badge till now.
Am i eligible for the badge?

These videos are based on culturally Responsive Pedagogy and available on YouTube with cc licence. Using these videos one can understand about what culturally Responsive Pedagogy is,About Skills and attributes needed for culturally Responsive Teacher and how culturally Responsive classroom looks like,feels like…

Yes, you can certainly request a badge-- it has been sent via email

But I didn’t receive any email yet.
I am requesting you to send my badge via email
Thanks and regards

I am sorry, but it was sent to the email address in your OEG Connect profile. Please write us at and confirm the email address where you want it send, and will issue a new one.

Hello. Our contribution to the event was the publication of the Asset “Ciberimaginario Classroom”. Open Education Week - Classroom Ciberimaginario We spread the word about OE Week to the entire university community from our website. The results have been great and we have reached a high number of visits and people interested in our content. We would like to have the logo for our site.

Many thanks MarĂ­a- I have emailed the information for obtaining your badge to the address in your OEG Connect profile.

Thanks! Its´s a pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:

Hah, I am seeing that I could have done this myself as an example, but am doing so now to demonstrate elsewhere how the OEGlobal digital badges can be integrated elsewhere (to be another post).

For this year’s OEWeek I added an updated version of a previous contribution, again part of my interest/focus on advocating the ways to locate and attribute openly licensed images.

Alan’s Box of Image Search Tricks is essentially a post right here in OEG Connect that when created in 2022 included guides and some brower tools for how to deploy Google Image search to (mostly) return results licensed Creative Commons.

Last year I documented for a while that this was broken, so the additions for this year include examples and more tools for taking your open licensed image search to Openverse– has anyone been at this besides me?

So can I give myself a badge now?

Your badge is in the email!