Showcase of OER in South Africa

Globally, OER has become critical to the mission of making education sustainable. Here, in South Africa, much like the rest of the continent. Our OE practices vary, as the landscape is uneven. OER integration into the curriculum is largely dependent on individuals. Unlike the global north, where OERs are seen primarily as a means to address the costs of resources. The brief for OER adoption is wider and magnified by systemic injustice and multiple inequalities.

This Digital Humanities project sees OER as a means to stimulate activism, address inequality between the country’s eleven official languages and build multi lingualism resources, foundational literacies and increase academic’s capacity to use digital media. If you are interested in finding out how students, researchers, lecturers and teacher educators, from rural and urban universities in South Africa. Have gone about developing their OERs over the past two years. Then sign up for the DH-OER Champions Showcase and celebration.

Date: 16 November. Time 9:00-15:00 SAST

We look forward to offering our guests a close up perspective on open in South African Higher Education.



Thanks for sharing - Will you be recording the session? I’m keen to learn more about OER activities in South Africa, but the session is not amenable to my time zone.

Many thanks!

Hello Wayne. The sessions will be recorded. But I also have been trying to encourage the developers to use a repository to store their OER’s. I will share the programme (with the links) afterwards.

We are encouraging folks to sign up and learn more about these OER champions.

Just for time zone adjustments, this is taking place

and drop in to catch whatever parts you can (my alarms are set and coffee maker is timed to start perking ahead of time)

Derek posted as well a bit more information on his blog

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I’m tuned in for at least the first part, looks like 31 participants here where projects will be shared in 15 minute mini-presentations.

The agenda is available as a Framapad hosted eitherpad (worth noting this is another free service provided by Framasoft see

For reference, see also the ESCALTOR project site “Towards an inclusive & active
South African community of practice in Digital Humanities & Computational Social Science”

Multilingual Projects

First up is a language resource site (a student team project)-- Try it is an online dictionary for Xhosa and English. The project aims to create a free, open-source, and easily usable dictionary for learners of isiXhosa.

There was mention of connecting the web site’s database to a Flashcard app Anki (another new one for me!)

Second project is Umhuqa Phansi: IsiZulu Web crawler - appears to be a python based web scraper using Beautiful Soup parser (video is in isiZulu but has English explanation overlays)

Third project is “Multilingual Social Work Dictionary for South Africa” (video not yet on YouTube)

Latest social work dictionary available was published in 1995 and only in English and Afrikaans, but many new words in practice not in dictionary plus need to include indigenous languages.

Plans to offer as a downloadable OER and also a mobile app

Note: This notetaker needs to go to sleep! Look to the Etherpad for more notes

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Thank you Alan for joining us. Sleep well. I will endeavor to share my notes after the event