The OE Global 2020 Daily Poll: #1 Languages

For a bit of engagement here in OEG Connect, we will launch every conference day a quick poll so we can learn something about conference participants.

This first poll is about languages you converse in. Are you ready?

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How many different languages do you speak conversationally?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • more than 5!

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And for a bonus response, reply below with an example of a phrase in one of those languages that just fails to translate well into English (see examples).

Or give us a response in all of those languages you speak.

Olá, Alan!

No Brasil falamos português. Também falo inglês.



Olá, Cristine!

Tento me virar com traduções ruins no google.

I was in Mexico a few years for a project, but my Spanish was mostly to make my colleagues laugh!

¡Hola a todos! Soy mexicana y mi primera lengua es el español. En más de una ocasión me encontrado tratando de describir estás dos palabras que no tienen traducción exacta al ingles. Casualmente las dos tienen que ver con comida :yum:

  1. Sobremesa
  2. Merendar

Oi Cristine,
Meu português é escasso, mas acho que posso entender por causa da semelhança com o espanhol. Português tem uma palavra que eu gosto muito que não temos em espanhol, e acho que também não existe em inglês. Saudade :heartpulse:

Hola Alan,
Yo soy testigo de que tu español es muy bueno. Mucho mejor del crédito que te das. :grinning:
¿Cuál es tu palabra favorita en español?

¡Hola! Mi primera lengua es español, mais je parle français aussi (and English). Something that greatly frustrates me in the that neither French nor English don’t have two verbs be like Spanish does. No es lo mismo ser bueno que estar bueno, por ejemplo.

Olá, Marcela! Tudo bem?

Obrigada pela mensagem. Não falo Espanhol, mas entendo um pouco pela similaridade com o Português. A palavra que mais gosto em espanhol é “exquisito”, em Português tem um sentido diverso :hugs:

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Pozdravljeni vsi. Lepo vas je videti v tako velikem stevilu. To je pa po Slovensko. Slovenians, we are only 2 million and to avoid being stuck with 2 million, a Slovenian need to be fluent in other languages as well.


Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. 「よろしくお願いいたします。」Usually used as a greeting, the phrase has various meanings, depending on the context of the conversation. :wink:

  • Be kind to me.
  • I am in your debt.
  • I’m counting on you.
  • Please help me.
  • Please take care of me.
  • Nice to meet you.

So in this case, 皆さん、はじめまして!どうぞよろしくお願いします。 :grinning:

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Liebe Grüße aus Los Angeles und pozdrawiam serdecznie z Los Angeles. Obwohl viele Menschen hier Spanisch sprechen, ich kann nur Deutsch sprechen und mowie po Polsku.

¡Eres demasiado amable!

One thing I noticed and appreciated from several extended visits for a project in Mexico, was the gathering at night in “la plaza del pueblo” so much has become a metaphor I use often.

The staff who graciously served lunch had much fun teaching me how to ask for things, like “Coke Lite con hielo.”

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¡Hola James! Saludos desde Austin, Tx. Mucha gente habla español aquí también. Estoy segura que por tu contexto en LA logras entender más de lo que te imaginas. Ik spreek heel weinig Duits dat ik heb geleerd tijdens mijn verblijf in Heidelberg een paar jaar geleden.

Es un gusto verte en estos encuentros aunque en esta ocasión sea virtual. :slight_smile:

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¡Claro! La tardeada en la plaza del pueblo no puede faltar. :+1: