:sync: Visions for the Next 20 Years: Reflections from the Open 2020 Working Group

Authors: James Glapa-Grossklag, Cable Green, Peter Kaufman, Curt Newton, Lisa Petrides
Institutions: College of the Canyons, Creative Commons, ISKME, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Countries: United States, United Kingdom

Topic: Global Collaboration, Strategies, & Policies in Open Education
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Building capacity
Session Format: Panel


This is a panel discussion and Q&A session on the big picture of open education, with select members of the Open 2020 Working Group. The group, comprised of thought leaders, innovators, practitioners, and funders working across the spectrum of open education, began meeting in May 2019 with a goal to put forward a set of new, ambitious, and practical recommendations for the future of open learning. We asked: what are the key opportunities for open teaching and learning resources and new open technologies to further support and enhance an accessible knowledge ecosystem? There are many points of alignment among our visions of the future, and a rich diversity in the possible routes to get there. The dramatic educational and social disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic have only added momentum and urgency to our original charge to: * assess the landscape of emerging trends in education and industry; * suggest innovative and practical approaches to enhance open learning and access; * help shape the forward-looking vision for open learning in evolving educational and technological landscapes; * and share recommendations for the future of open.


future of open, knowledge, strategy, policy, collaboration, accessibility, equity, pandemic, disruption


Here’s the Wiki record of our group’s work

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Recording of the session:

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