Watch OEWeek Live! Tuesday 7 March Show #2

We anticipate again much has happened for second day of OEWeek we try to recap if possible and provide quick review of events coming up in the next few hours.

But the main feature is for our guests to describe their projects and activities going on this week, as well as highlights of what they have experienced. And whatever else emerges in our informal conversations.

Here are all the details including the exact time converted to your location. The live stream will be embedded below and will be available later as a recording.

:alarm_clock: When: 2023-03-07T22:00:00Z
:tv: Watch Live:
:people_holding_hands:t4: Guests (updated as we get closer):

Watch on YouTube to send questions/comments live to the studio or post any questions below.

Watch OEWeek Live

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Links shared in this show:

Thanks for the slightly positive Mastodon/Twitter posts @NateAngell

We saw and heard later about many connections made between/across shows. I believe it was Jane on the Thursday second show who mentioned appreciating hearing you share the Open Learning Experience Bingo.

Thanks Alan! I do hope folks find value in the bingo! It can seem sorta complicated, but itโ€™s core is simple. I maybe did a better job of describing Open Educational Activity Bingo in this lightning talk: