Webinar Encore+ "“A landscape snapshot of European OER policy”

Greetings again :slight_smile: I’m writing to invite you to the webinar organized by the ENCORE+ Network on 30 November at 12:00 CET

:date: The next ENCORE+ event on 30 Nov will explore Policy in Open Educational Resources: “A landscape snapshot of European OER policy”.

:busts_in_silhouette: The ENCORE+ Network will discuss #OER policy adoption at the Macro, Meso and Micro levels, and consider enabling factors to support mainstream integration of OER in European higher education. with @OrnaF @Javiera @leohavemann and Ahmed Tlili

:unlock: The event is open to all. Register here: Next event on Policies in Open Educational Resources! — ICDE

:wave: We look forward to seeing you there and continuing to expand the ENCORE+ Network in Open Educational Resources!

#EncorePlus #Policy

Thank you again Eleonora for sharing these ENCORE+ events.

I hope anyone in our community here that attends can perhaps share any highlights/discussion questions generated from this event.

It would be absolutely great!