Webinar Encore+: What makes OER repositories work?

Greetings from Italy :slight_smile: I’m writing to invite you to the webinar organized by the ENCORE+ Network on 10 November at 15:30 CET

What makes OER repositories work? Is it human services or technology (artificial intelligence)?

This event is relevant to stakeholders from education and business sectors that want to better understand the potential of technology-supported solutions (AI) for OER repositories in creating an improved OER infrastructure.
Attendees would get to know what role AI-based solutions play and experts’ perspective on the topic. Also, they will be asked to contribute to proposals for quality and sustainability solutions matching their needs.

This ENCORE + event will present:

  • Business stakeholders’ perspective on technological-based solutions for OER repositories (AIDP Association + Viblio Company)
  • Results of the Experts Focus Group conducted on OER repositories in terms of quality, sustainability, and AI-based solutions
  • Possible Technological Integration Scenarios for OER repositories
  • Open discussion on emerging issues relating to AI adoption in Open Education

Registration and more Information here: [What makes OER repositories work? Is it human services or technology (artificial intelligence)? - Encore+ Project]

The webinar is one of the series of ENCORE+ Network eventst that are open to any individual, institution or business with an interest in these topics "OER Technology”, “Policies & Practice”, “Quality”, “Innovation & Business Models”.

Please share this invitation with any interested colleagues. Hope to see you there.


Thank you @epanto for annoncing this webinar which led me to the Proof of Concept (PoC) of key features of OER infrastructure.

Thank you @BarbaraClass for your comment and for the time to look at the POC, I suppoese Matteo Uggeri will refer to the PoC, during the event.

Could you please send the link to access, since I have not received this information? Thank you. Gema Santos-Hermosa

Thanks @GemaSantosHermosa for your interest.
Sorry, I’ve seen your message right now, however I see you in the participants. So everything is ok :slight_smile:

For anyone who could be interested the webinar is recorded and you will be able to find the registration on the encore+ website - https://encoreproject.eu/