What's your AEQ? (Australia Experience Quotient)

We are ramping up our excitement for the road to Brisbane for OEGlobal24.

Session proposals are in review, logistics are being planned, today is our first of a monthly series of live webcasts about the conference, ideas are underway for remote participation, and—

but wait a minute, let’s talk about AUSTRALIA (insert @AdrianStagg with his Oi Oi Oi call). It’s a country! And an island! And a continent! And much more.

For fun and interest, let us know your Australia Experience Quotient, and then tell us more with a reply below.

  • What is Your Australia Experience Quotient?
  • I live there! – I can tell you things you wont find in tourist guides
  • I’m from there but live elsewhere! – I’m a proud Aussie
  • I’ve visited there! – share your down under experience
  • I’ve never been there! – what do know of Australia or want to know
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Thanks Alan! I’m very keen to hear what people look forward to, and what knowledge is about!

If you like to cycle, Brisbane has some wonderful bike paths around the Brisbane River. Brisbane River Loop – Bicycle Queensland A great way to see the city and river, and loads of opportunities to stop and have something tasty to eat and drink.

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Look out I might get long winded with memories. Growing up in east coast of the US my early “idea” of Australia might have been shaped by the Tasmanian Devil of Bugs Bunny cartoons, the Mad Max and Crocodile Dundee movies plus Rabbit Proof Fence, The Man from Snowy River, and I think one called The Japanese Story. I remember when the much clichéd Outback Steakhouses became popular.

Oh, and in my first edtech job when video discs were the thing, I always remember the beauty of Alice to Ocean.

I’ve been fortunate to have visited Australia for extended (not tourist) visits several times, making connections in the early 2000s in my role at the Maricopa Community Colleges with many in the TAFE sector.

In 2000 I had earned a 6 month professional sabbatical at Maricopa where I was able to coordinate visits to several institutions and connectings made through the Flexible Learning Network for 2 months in New Zealand and then 2 more months in Australia. I spent time at Canberra Institute of Technology, the Riverina TAFE, a few TAFEs in Adelaide, and attended the Queensland Learning Network 2000 conference in… Brisbane!

In 2007 I was lucky to have been invited by the Flexible Learning Leaders network to do visits and talks in the capitals of all states/territories. The problem was my new position did not allow a great deal of time off, so they were able to schedule me a whirlwind tour in 10 days that was something like Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane. It was an amazing opportunity, getting to meet many colleagues I had known only online, and meeting many new people.

I was in Melbourne July 2008 (dead of winter!) when my organization the New Media Consortium did a meeting for the NMC Horizon Report: Australia Edition.

I was back in Melbourne in 2011 as a speaker for some kind of gathering of the Powerful Learning Practice network. I visited a colleague I knew from Maricopa who had moved to Melbourne- Jan took me to see the Penguin Parade and a road trip to see the Great Ocean Road. I think I also flew to Tasmania to catch up with colleagues there, spending time in Hobart and Launceston (and I got to see a real Tassie Devil).

And finally, my last visit was to Melbourne in 2017 when I was given a month long fellowship with the International Specialised Skills Institute ISSI - see CogDogRoo – Down Under 2017

I’ve been so fortunate to have had these opportunities, and at the same time, I feel like there is infinitely more I have yet to see (like getting to the outback center of Australia). And i am eager to see Brisbane again!

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One of the first time visitors to Brisbane and Australia here!
Really looking forward to visiting Brisbane for the Conference 2024. It is always a pleasure and an honor to meet the OE community from different parts of the world.

The Carnival of Flowers that @AdrianStagg mentioned in the Live event earlier today sounds really good and the weather at that time of the year sounds lovely.

And I do like to cycle, @NairarbilTUQ, I hope I have some time to ride a byke and see the surroundings.

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It will also be my first time in Australia :australia:.

I am currently revisiting some of my favorite Australian movies including Muriel’s Wedding and reading novels based in Australia like The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart and anything by Liane Moriarty.

I’m looking forward to meeting new OER practitioners and do some exploring. I’ve seen the zoos online, but do you know of any wildlife rehabilitation places? Maybe even ones that take volunteers? I always try to seek out the animals and am dying to meet a wombat.


A big attraction not far out of Brisbane is Australia Zoo, but it also has a big conservation and rehabilitation focus…and it has wombats :wink: https://australiazoo.com.au/support-wildlife/become-a-volunteer/ I will come with you @heatherb ! Anyone else want to join us?

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Wowsers! You have some experience with Australia @cogdog! I can’t wait to see what you think of Brisbane, on your return visit… :wink:

Thanks @NairarbilTUQ! I like that they allow volunteers. I’m well-versed in animal volunteer work and plan to fill out the form once I know what dates I will be free :).

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Ooh! Ooh! Call on me, I’m interested.

I don’t have the volunteer chops of @heatherb but I did visit Healesville Sanctuary once when I was in Victoria and also on a first trip to Tasmania my host took me to a local place that rescued orphaned wombats. I shall never forget the sheet strength of the baby called “Poddy” that they let me try to hold (I lasted about 5 seconds).

This has me thinking @NairarbilTUQ what if we organized a list of possible local places to volunteer a day and “give back”? That would be a great part of the overall program, and fits a broad idea of society being “everybody’s business”


I’d love to join you!

I drove past the Australia Zoo on the way to Noosa with my cousin – one of hundreds (well, it seems that way!) who live in Australia. It’s probably better that I mention where I haven’t been rather than where I have - I haven’t been into the great landmass or into the Northern Territory or South Australia, but I have been to most of the main cities of the other states - as far north as Whitsunday Islands, as far south as Hobart, as far west as Perth, and east as Sydney and Newcastle – although not recently. I am so looking forward to reacquainting myself!!

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I haven’t been to Healesville Sanctuary, @cogdog…but it is now on my list :wink:

Sure, great idea! Brisbane is in the State of Queensland (QLD), and we have a QLD volunteers website that can get us started - https://volunteeringqld.org.au/

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I must admit I have never seen ‘Muriel’s Wedding’, but then I haven’t seen ‘The Castle’ either, so my Australian colleagues may be dismayed. :laughing:

Wombats should be on your ‘to see list’. My best experience was in Tasmania at Cradle Mountain; near the State Forest, you can sit on a boardwalk and watch the wombats wander down at dusk.
Closer to Brisbane though, is the Lone Pine Sanctuary. They have a wide selection of Australian animals - including wombats - and are about 30 minutes by car from the convention centre (https://lonepinekoalasanctuary.com/common-wombat/)

I’d second Australia Zoo. They have a range of experiences, including ‘Zookeeper for a Day’. One of my friends’ took her son to this last week and they both had a fantastic time.

Hope this helps!

The dismay is international!! The Castle is a hoot. But also on my favorite Down Under films is The Dish.

My first exposure to Australia as a kid was through Skippy, the bush kangaroo, which was very popular even behind the iron curtain. TIL that Skippy’s author was from Brisbane. And it had such a catchy theme song!

Here what an episode in the Czech language sounds like, ha ha ha:

More recently, my boys have adopted the “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!” chant popularized by @AdrianStagg, our customized versions are along the lines of:

Me: Clean up, clean up, clean up!
Boys: Yes, yes, yes!

Me: Dust off, dust off, dust off!
Boys: Shine, shine, shine!

Me: Dry up, dry up, dry up!
Boys: Done, done, done!

Me: Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish!
Boys: Out, out, out!

These are almost as catchy as Skippy’s song! :wink:

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