Who is coming to OEG 2020?

If you are reading this, than likely you are an early adopter and an enthusiastic part of OEG.

This is the space where we would love you to say hello (perhaps say it in the way people in your part of the world greet each other), tell us where you are from, what your interests are, and what you hope to get out of the conference.

Feel free to share a link or a picture.

Just click that reply button and say hello.

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Okay, it is your turn. Reply and say hello.

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Hi @paulstacey,
Hello to the OEG community,

My name is Pierre and I am very excited to attend OEG 2020 and to take part in the organization of the first French-speaking OEG “pre-conference”.
I am a Tech and Governance teacher and researcher at Sciences Po Paris School of Public Affairs and I also help out with the LabXchange project as a partnership manager in the EU.
Ever since I took part in a Summer School for Social Innovation, I am fascinated by open education and especially sustainable development education.

The OEG conference is a fantastic opportunity to connect with passionate people fighting for free and inclusive education, to discover new projects, and to interact with experts from all over the planet and discuss the topic of remote and open science education.

I am really looking forward to meeting the community.

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Welcome Pierre, and congratulations for being early to this part of the conference site. This is exactly what we hope participants do during the conference, make much conversation.

We hope the Francophone pre-conference group make good use of the spaces here.

Now we have opened the door to saying hello, so others ought to follow your lead!

Hi Pierre. I also am very interested in how OER can accelerate more inclusive progress on the SDGs, for students, teachers, schools, and all lifelong learners. – Curt Newton, Director MIT OpenCourseWare

Hello from Rita in Canada!
I am very pleased to be among the presenters and look forward to learning from all my peers worldwide during the conference.
Thank you for organizing this wonderful learning event!

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Welcome, Rita! Glad you are here. We look forward to kicking off this great event in only a month!

Where in Canada are you?


Hi Susan,
I am in Manitoba but completed my program of studies in Alberta (distance education).
See you at some of the sessions and venues in November.

Hi to everyone
I am delighted to be here online at my 3rd OE Global conference.
I am a Learning Technologies and OER consultant based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and working at higher education institutions throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

This year, I am here with a group of African colleagues who worked together on an Association of African Universities (AAU) initiative during COVID lockdowns in Southern Africa.

Looking forward to connecting with existing colleagues and making new connections!

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WELCOME to your 3rd OEG!! I’m sure that there will be lots of communication around all of our experiences regarding COVID. We look forward to hearing from you as well!

Yes, definitely - - - see you over the next month!

Hi from Louisiana. I am looking forward to meeting lots of folks and presenting


Greetings!! Glad to have you. You are not far from me, I’m in FL. How did you do with all the recent hurricanes?

Hello and welcome Brenda. We are excited to see you here and are looking forward to what your colleagues from Africa will share here.

Part of this conference is a place for people to start topics or seek out colleagues who want to engage in conversation around interests; this is available to everyone to suggest or start the conversations in the Convo and Collab area.

If you need help in using OEG Connect just contact me.

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Thanks for your efforts and assistance bringing all the attendees together.

Looking forwards to meeting all others via the platform soon.

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:wave: Hello everyone. I’m super excited that I can help with another OE Global. It’s going to be my 8th :slight_smile:

Welcome!!! Thanks for joining. We look forward to this event every year and this year will be especially interesting since we are virtual!

Wow! This will be my 6th and it never gets old. I always look forward to it.

Hi everyone, I’m really pleased to be attending this truly global conference on Open Education. This is my second OE Global conference and I’m looking forward to a great schedule of presentations and events.


I could not reply quick enough to say YAY TANNIS IS HERE :sun:. Now it is said.

Looking forward to your keynote session, let us know if you need any special features enabled.


So great to meet everyone, old friends and new, here in OEG Connect. It feels like we’re hosting a dinner party and it’s a delight to be welcoming guests. :grinning: If this was a dinner party it’s a potluck one where everyone is bringing something and it’s fun to see early contributions like this one from Alexander Mikroyannidis. I look forward to engaging in the conversation with you all over the coming weeks and hope you meet lots of new colleagues from around the world and enjoy a delicious sampling of open education from around the world.

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