Who is coming to OEG 2020?

I didn’t realize Milan was your first! That makes our meeting even more special.
So excited for your keynote!

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My family made it thru the storms with no damage. Unfortunately, many people in Lake Charles (western Louisiana) didn’t fair as well.

We are glad to see you here. On top of everything 2020 has brought us we deserve a break from natural disasters.

Greetings to all!

I am from São Paulo, Brazil and this is the 4th OE Global I am fortunate to attend thanks to the GO-GN network. :smiley:

Carina Bossu from the Open University of the UK and I will be delivering a live presentation on a study we have been conducting entitled “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Latin America in the Context of an Open Education Initiative” and we look forward to seeing some of you folks there.

I also look very much forward to learning from this awesome community.

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And welcome Viviane, waving hello from central Canada. We are very excited to the presence GO-GN brings to these conferences.

Be sure to look at the details of this presentation and save it to your own OE Global 2020 personal schedule.

Hello everyone:

We are from National Open University, Taiwan. It is such an honor to join this international event and we really look forward to all the sessions. Please watch our anytime video poster and leave your questions or comment. We appreciate it. See you soon.

Dr. Li-Yi Hsu
Dr. I-Chin Nonie Chiang
Xi-Qiang Ou


Greetings OEG Community,

My name is Lindsay Woodside and I work as a Digital Learning Associate at eCampusOntario, conference hosts of the Eastern time zone. This is my first OE Global conference!

I am very excited to be joining forces with @Lena as we co-present our live session titled “Ontario Extend: An Open Program to Enhance Digital Fluency for Educators” The Ontario Extend Program is a free, openly licensed and customizable foundational professional learning program designed for educators in a digital age - and we have seen global adoption of this program and local participation rates in Ontario increase by 300% for the same period last year.

I look forward to attending as many conference sessions as possible, especially joining in on those sessions whose presenters are working in the professional development space.

See you soon! Lindsay Woodside


Namaste to all of you from India. I am Roma Smart Joseph, a teacher educator from Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow, and I am immensely happy to be a part of this conference, also equally excited to present in one of the sessions. I am working on the Creation of Innovative MOOCs; have tried to reskill teachers to use OER in these unprecedented times of pandemic, through creating tutorials, inviting them to the learning interface, sharing, and interacting with them.
I would love to share with you one of my MOOCs site which I have developed on Google Sites

This is about reskilling teachers and students about using the google classroom.
You all are cordially invited to visit the site and leave your feedback in the comment section, which is again an innovative use of a padlet.
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Welcome Li-Yi, I-Chin and Xi-Qiang so great to have you here and thanks for posting your video poster already. I look forward to watching it. Covid-19 resulted in a lot of changes to how we provide education. Look forward to seeing what the National Open University did and lessons learned.

Welcome Lindsay and what a delightful photo. We at Open Education Global are so thankful to Lena, you, and the rest of the eCampusOntario team for agreeing to be a co-host of this years conference. I’m super pleased you are doing a session on the Ontario Extend program as I think it is both a model for what others could offer in the way of professional development and a set of openly licensed resources. Great to see the global adoption.

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Welcome Roma. Thanks for joining us at this years OEGlobal conference and for sharing your efforts to help teachers use OER and create MOOCs.

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Yes, welcome to you as well from my home in Central Canada. I’ve lived here 2 1/2 years and have not found if there is good a greeting as “Namaste”. When I lived in the southwest USA, I tried “howdy” but that sounds like a bad movie :wink:

Thank you so much for joining us here and sharing your Google Sites hosted MOOC. That says much that you can do this on a free platform. We hope to hear more how the MOOC worked.

We are happy to have you here, explore all of the corners of the conference site. It soon will be very active Monday when registered participants are invited to join the site.

Hello @paulstacey @cogdog and all,

I have just arrived here and am looking forward to our conversations and the OEG 2020 of course :wink: I hope you are all well and safe in these strange times.

I am an academic developer at Manchester Met in the UK and am particularly interested in open and collaborative creativity. Originally from Greece, γεια χαρά aber in der ehemahligen DDR reboren. Long story. Speaking about story, we are working on an open picture book project (more about it in a separate discussion) and would love your input.

Looking forward to meeting new and old friends here. Speak soon :wink:



Hi, thank you for the warm welcome. We are really looking forward to the conference. Thank you for organizing this incredible event. Really appreciate it.

Hi,everyone! My name is Klara and I come from Poland. I work as Education Specialist at Wikimedia Poland and I am so happy (and terrified as well) that I will speak at the OE for the 1st time! My presentation will be about Wikipedia &schools. :books: I am still during orientation here, so maybe my profile will fluctuate :wink: :innocent:
I hope you are all safe and healthy with your families, here in Poland is getting worse…


Welcome Chrissi and thanks for the Greek/German mashup hello. I’ll want to know that story.

And speaking of which, thanks for bringing the Picture Book project and its Dream Team here. We look forward to generating much activity with this soon over in the Convo and Collab area.

For others reading this, the idea of this space is that anyone at the conference can launch a topic for discussion, a call for participation in a project, an activity to do together during the conference. All of these are intended as asynchronous activities/conversations that can be done at any time. It’s your space to use.

Looking forward to our brainstorming call, Chrissi.

Hello Klara and your profile looks great so far.

We look forward to your Wikipedia and schools session, which now if ever seems such a vital way to have people involved with learning how to create and contribute more useful open content. Poland’s efforts here have been inspiring.

Let’s aim for more :smiley: and less :fearful: for the presentation. If you need assistance at any time, just speak up to @help or use the Conference Help Desk area.

Stay safe too.



Thank you very much, dear Paul, OE Global conference is a great virtual platform that is striving hard to bring all academicians and educationists of the globe together, and providing a wonderful opportunity to collaborate, share, and learn from one another. I am extremely happy to be a part of this great venture.
I am trying to use all the social platforms for the dissimination of my OER.
Please check out my MOOCs on my youtube channel where I have initiated a reskilling drive for using learning and management platforms, and e-content for future teachers through mobile phones.

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Hi Tannis,
I am attending this conference for the first time and find it to be a great connect to collaborate, and learn from you all.

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Thank you very much for your generous appreciation and a heart touching reply it is such a great pleasure for me to be the part of this conference which is all about transcending boundaries and transforming lives.
Yes my MOOC on Google platform is doing very well Google sites are being used as home and an alternative to guide learners about the use of Google classroom Technology, from Google sites people are taken to the Google classroom and they learn all about it being in that interface.
So fa 700 learners have already completed this MOOC, and around 100 are enrolled in the course at present.