Who is coming to OEG 2020?

Thank you very much Alan for this warm welcome and your valuable support so far. Can’t wait to see how it all goes and if there is wider interest in our project.


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Hello Klara,
This is a very warm, friendly community. I am sure you will be absolutely fine and colleagues will be interested in hearing about your important work.

Stay safe,


Welcome, Klara! Deep breaths for your presentation. You will be great!

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Hey folks!

I’m very lucky to say that this will be my 7th OEGlobal! Every year I look forward to seeing friends I really only meet up with (in the flesh) if we are all at the conference. In 2020 I will miss the hugs, but I’m super happy that we can share this space and be here together.

Un saludo especial a todos los participantes de habla hispana, e tamén português :wave:

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This is such an amazing project. What I most like about it is the generosity of you all in inviting us to participate. Fabulous! :clap:

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

My name is Igor Lesko. I work for Open Education Global. This will be my 11th OE Global Conference! I am connecting from Port Elizabeth (aka the friendly and windy city) in South Africa. Lovely to see so many participants (returning and new) from around the world. Looking forward to networking and learning opportunities.

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Howzit! I’m Derek, from Johannesburg. This is my second OE Global conference

. Milan was an amazing experience for me.I got to catch up with OE4BW colleagues (nodding to @igorlesko, @chrissinerantzi, @Anja.Polajnar5, @GinoFransman who I’ve automatically @ mentioned). The highlight was running into so many open people, many with work that has formed and inspired my South African efforts. Honestly, there were times when I felt a bit awestruck and inarticulate. I’m sorry that we can’t all be together in the same room. But am pleased to be able to be back, to be less of a wall flower, catch up and maybe say something sensible.


Hello everyone. My name is Regina Gong and I’m coming from Michigan, USA. I work at Michigan State University where I am the OER and Student Success Librarian. This will be my 2nd OE Global. I’ve met some of you last year in person when we were in Milan and even though we are all apart this year, I’m glad that we can still gather together in this online space as one big global community. I’m looking forward to talking to you and learning about your amazing projects during the course of this conference. See you all soon. Take care.

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Igor may be the winner of the OE Global Conference attendance marathon, he’s gone the distance.

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Welcome Derek, to being somewhat in the same virtual room (not the same at all, we might have to be creative to capture moments in photos like the one you shared).

We see no signs of wall flowering…

Welcome Regina. So great to see you here amidst international colleagues - I like how you phrased it “One big global community”. That’s what we’re striving for with this years OEGlobal 2020 conference and with OEG Connect. Appreciate having your voice, experience, and ideas here as part of it.

Thanks @cogdog :slight_smile: This accomplishment is shared together with @marcela. Our very first OE Global Conference was in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Welcome @ReginaGong It was lovely meeting you in person in Milan.

Thank you @Weblearning for this lovely reminder of good times in Milan. Welcome back :slight_smile:

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Thanks Alan. Met some of your former colleagues from Maricopa Community College last year. Good people. So, now onto the challenge of being together in a photograph when we cannot physically gather in the same room.

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I extend a warm welcome to you and looking forward to your presentation.

True! OCWC Global 2010 Hanoi, Vietnam. It seems like yesterday. :slightly_smiling_face:
Looking forward to the :open_smiley: marathon to continue. :running_man: :running_woman:

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Thank you very much for the warm welcome and we are honored to be here. Please enjoy our work and leave your advice or suggestion. We’re looking forward to hearing from you again.


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Good morning from Montgomery College in Maryland. I’m looking forward to joining the conference as this is my first OE Global conference.

Welcome Nonie