Who is coming to OEG 2020?

Michael, welcome!
Glad you’re joining us for your first OEGlobal conference.
And congrats to you and your colleagues on winning a 2020 Open Education Award of Excellence for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Open Pedagogy Fellowship - fantastic.

Hi, this is Felix in Washington DC. Currently involved in cnbGuatemala.org - an online version of the Guatemalan national curriculum using Mediawiki and Punto Crea, rural makerspaces in the Guatemalan Highlands (though now fully online in response to the pandemic). Looking forward to the conference and gearing up for our presentation on the curriculum. :grimacing:


Welcome / Bienvenido Felix! :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s great to have you join us for the first time in an OE Global conference.
Looking forward to your presentation and excited with the opportunity to learn more about cnbGuatemala.org and PuntoCrea.

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Dear Dr. Joseph,

Thank you very much for the warm welcome. Such a pleasure! :bouquet:

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Warm Welcome Falvarado :bouquet:

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Thanks for your response Dear Nonie,
It’s a pleasure to meet people working in the field of OE, It would be my pleasure to share with you and with @Drbabitaparashar and learn from you about the same.

Hello everyone! My name is Bonnie Boardman and I’m a faculty member in the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Arlington. Compared to most of you I’m an OER newb. I have repurposed some open materials into an intro book for our discipline and now I’m hooked. This will be my first OEG conference and I’m really looking forward to learning from everyone.


Hi Bonnie. Anyone who has repurposed open materials into an intro book is no longer a newb! You’re officially an open educator. Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Warm Welcome,
Dear @Bonnie. I am a teacher educator in the Bachelor of Education department, Isabella Thoburn College, and I am also attending the conference for the first time. It’s a pleasure to meet you and to learn from you.

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Hello OEG Community
It is a wonderful opportunity to communicate, share and learn from global education community. Last year I offered an online course under OER4BW project on Life Skills in Education. Creating OER learning material on online platform has been a great experience so far. I really look forward to all opportunities to meet, learn and share with people from same field in this conference and explore opportunities to collaborate and take this mission froward.

Hello everyone! I’m Gino from South Africa, and this is my 7th OEGlobal. Please visit our presentation pages to see news about both the OpenEdInfluencers project at Nelson Mandela University, as well as our collaboration panel on day 1 in conjunction with peers from University of Massachusetts Amherst. We are sharing our Becoming an Open Education Influencer online empowerment course, and hope you will join us and see our vehicle for empowering advocates. Come hear about student voices advocating for Open, and change! Stay safe, and again, welcome! We are excited to see your work!


Hello Derek! Thanks for the memory! We’ve certainly gotten around together! See you soon…

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Hello everybody,
My name is Ingrid Vos from the TU Delft in the Netherlands. It’s my first OEGlobal.
I am looking forward to hosting the session on Wednesday from Delft in which Open Educational Resources and the value of fun in Online Learning is discussed!
That will be fun!
Hope to meet you there!

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Hello Ingrid, welcome!
We are excited to have you join us on your first OE Global Conference.
Talking about fun in Open Learning?! Don’t we all need a little bit of that? Even more now than ever. :upside_down_face:
I look forward to your presentation.

Hello @paulstacey,
I am pleased to be able introduce myself. My name is Beat Odermatt, I am a Swiss Canadian who have been involved in education for more than 40 years. image
I have been working in Uganda and South Sudan since 1999 in the field of education. For the first 13 years I was working with a large international NGO. Seven years ago I started a private international primary and secondary school however I have continue to have interest in the educational sector in Uganda. I have introduced Open Learning to the regional director in the Uganda Ministry of Education. He is very excited about find ways to incorporate new methods and ideas into the local primary and secondary education system.
I joined OEG last year so I am just learning about these exciting new ways of bringing great learning opportunities to larger segments of the population in a cost effective manner. I would very much appreciate any guidance you could give about presenters in this conference who are focused on primary/secondary schools. Much of what I see seems to be geared towards college and university level education.
Thank you so much for your time.
Have a good day.

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Will miss seeing you in person without the crutches but glad to see you virtually! :101:

You too, Susan! Our annual photos are quite lovely…

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Hi, @Beat1 .
Congrats on the meaningful and important work you are doing.

And thanks for your interest in presenters focused on primary/secondary schools.
We have a whole track this year dedicated to that. Here’s how to filter the program to see all the sessions in the primary/secondary track.

If you click Program in the red navbar at the top of the OEG Connect space it takes you to the OE Global 2020 Schedule. The top of the schedule has an area that looks like this:

If you click on All topics a dropdown menu appears. One of the options is “Connecting Open Education to Primary and Secondary (K-12) Education”. If you choose that option it will list all of the sessions related to primary and secondary education. If you click on any of the sessions listed it will take you to the unique area in the conference space for that session where a full description of the session can be found and where you can click reply and ask a question or introduce yourself to the people doing the session. We see this as providing a forum for saying hi and expressing interest in advance of the session and where discussion and dialogue after the session can continue.

In addition my Open Education Global colleague, Kristina Ishmael, who leads our work in primary and secondary education, has created a K-12/Primary & Secondary topic in the Convo and Collab area of the conference. All those interested in primary and secondary are encouraged to meet-up and connect with Kristina and each other there. Please be sure to leave a reply post introducing yourself, describing your primary and secondary work, and expressing interest in connecting with others.

We’re pleased to be highlighting, supporting, and celebrating primary and secondary open education in this way. Hope you find it useful and make lots of connections.

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Beat, it’s great to see you here! Hopefully the tips that @paulstacey shared will help you find more sessions for K-12/Primary & Secondary.

I would also like to invite you to one of our meetups next week to talk about Open Education in K-12/Primary & Secondary!



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Welcome to OEG, Felix! Thank you SO much for sharing your work! I just shared on Twitter because I know many dual language/bilingual teachers here in the US that would love to use this.