About the Nantes Conference Sessions

In this area are full details for every session at the Congress in Nantes. Use search to find a specific session or refer to the schedule to find within the program.

If you are a presenter, please reply to the post for your session with additional resources your presentation slides, links to resources, videos, or more information to share about your topic. You might even offer some questions to open discussion or ask for feedback,

If you are a conference participants, reply to a session to ask questions or offer related resources.

The whole idea is to go beyond an abstract in a conference program to make each session a dynamic conversation. One can hope…

Presenters are encourage to reply to the entry for their session to share not only presentations, but references, resources, and any specific questions/prompts to open conversation. We hope In Nantes participants in the sessions share back key highlights or any notes they found important. And for participants Not In Nantes, reply with questions or commentary on a session of interest.

Like the entries for the 2021 OE Global online conference webinar presentations, each session will include:

  • abstract
  • presenters names
  • date and time of session (converted here to your local time
  • session type / track
  • language

plus any resources presenters add as a reply. Each entry then can become a follow-up conversation.

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