Aspiring to Care in the Open: Educator Perspectives :sync:

Merinda McLure (University of Colorado Boulder), Caroline Sinkinson (University of Colorado Boulder)

In this session we will explore educator perspectives on Care in the Open: A Framework, inviting participants to consider how as members of the global open education community they might use, adapt, or take inspiration from the framework to foreground and enact care—for students, for peer educators, for colleagues—in their open education work. We will begin by introducing the scholars who inspired our care-based approach, including Cronin (2020), Fisher and Tronto (1990), Noddings (1984), and Tronto (1993). Next, we will discuss our development of the framework in 2020 and frameworks created by others for open education, open practices, and the values-driven design of higher education learning. The session focus will be educators’ perspectives on our framework and care in open education, that we gathered from campus colleagues. We will discuss how these perspectives will inform our further framework development and enactment of care in our open education work. Through openly-licensed slides, Answergarden, and a shared document for collective note taking during the session, we will invite asynchronous annotation of our framework to facilitate dialogue in and beyond the conference platform throughout the week. Participants will be able to draw connections and complements between feminist theories of care and the foundational values of care in the open education movement. They will gain a textured understanding of our framework development, iteration, and educator perspectives, that they might translate to local contexts. Through dialogue sustained in and beyond the conference platform, participants and presenters will contrast care perspectives, and enactments of care, across the global open education community. Our hope is that this dialogue will connect participants, inspiring them to work together to further care-based open educational practices, globally.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_22.pdf 📄

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