Becoming an Open Education Influencer: The Nelson Mandela University Student Advocates’ Experience of Sharing BOEI :sync:

Kelly Liberty (Nelson Mandela University), Mlungisi Mhlongo (Nelson Mandela University), Molya Vundamina (Nelson Mandela University), Gino Fransman (Nelson Mandela University)

BOEI is an educational, practical, and convenient fully online training course that supports influencers of and for Open Education. The BOEI course aims to support pathways for individuals and groups wishing to influence decision-makers and affect decision-making and practices through direct actions in Open Education. BOEI mainly was developed and prepared by the Nelson Mandela University (NMU) Open Education Influencers (OEIs). OEIs are dedicated to the UNESCO recommendation to “Encouraging effective, inclusive and equitable access to quality OER.” They ensure access to OER that most suitably meets both the needs and material circumstances of target learners and the courses or subjects provided, including access to offline and printed resources where appropriate.

In 2020 the OEIs shared their experience developing the BOEI course and how they succeeded with online collaboration, despite the difficulties presented by the national lockdown. This year Open team launched BOEI, and the Academic Literacies and Writing Programme team was the first to complete the course and provide feedback on BOEI. The Open team reviewed the course and attended to the feedback given by the ALWP team before its launch at the university. By mid-February, the BOEI course was online, and the OEIs were engaging with the first cohort. So far, the BOEI course has been completed by the First Year Success Mentors, some members of the Peace Jam South Africa team, and is set to be presented to the NMU Law clinic. Additionally, the OEIs are assisting the Peace Jam South Africa team in sourcing Open resources that would best suit a course aimed at peacebuilding within high-risk communities in South Africa.

The 2021 OEI cohort will share how they have been sharing Open at their university, including the successes achieved and the challenges experienced in taking BOEI online. Participants can expect an interactive session where recommendations are welcome for further success in sharing Open.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_64.pdf 📄

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