Collaboration is key! Advancing OER in the Netherlands

Realizing a nationwide infrastructure where teachers and student can find, create, edit and share various forms of content with as little thresholds as possible (in an open setting or closed within a group) is the ambitious goal of the collaboration ‘Towards (digital) open education’ of the acceleration plan in the Netherlands ( In making digital open educational resources a success, institutions collaborate on innovation and implementation in four areas: Technical infrastructure, organizational infrastructure, strategic aspects and professionalization of teachers and support staff. Organized in a project, Dutch knowledge institutions, together with SURF, took on the task of getting the basics in order to facilitate teachers and students to work with their optimal mix of learning materials in a nationwide collaboration.

To realize the ambition, the following activities are carried out:

  1. Innovation
    The existing platform for finding and sharing open educational resources was further developed based on requirements from the project.
  2. Content
    Effort was made to share existing content of third parties on the platform edusources, for which a content strategy for educational resources and a content advisory board was realized.
  3. Nationwide support desk
    Realization of a national support desk on digital (open) educational resources, which is also a place to exchange knowledge and find like-minded colleagues from institutions from all over the Netherlands. Together with experts, several roadmaps around OER are developed and ready to use for different target groups (Introduction OER, OER policy, OER Professional community, Quality Assurance OER, Professional Vocabulary and Workshop development)
  4. Acceleration of Adoption
    In several funding programs we engage 34 knowledge institutions with the adoption of digital (open) educational resources and the implementation of edusources. Professional communities play an important role, over 20 communities are actively sharing and reusing open materials through these programs. We presented the community focus on OEGlobal in 2021.

Administrators of institutions in the Netherlands also took on the task to make a difference and developed a statement in 2021 on OER which got signed and adopted by the umbrella organizations of the Universities and Universities of applied sciences in beginning 2022!

Keyword in al the activities is collaboration.

After a short presentation about the ambitions of the collaboration in innovation and implementation of open educational resources we will discuss how we realize our goals through collaboration. We will talk about benefits and challenges and engage participants in how this can help them in their own institution or country. Participants will be asked to participate in a Menti to share their perspective. Participants can also give feedback and interact by asking questions.

Innovation and implementation OER
Content strategy
Content advisory board
Nationwide support desk
Acceleration of adoption


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