European libraries : encouraging effective, inclusive and equitable access to quality Open Educational Resources :async:

Vincent de Lavenne (ADBU), Laure Delrue-Vandenbulcke (ADBU), Christine Ollendorff (ADBU), Muriel Pénichon (ADBU)

This presentation aims to showcase different examples of actions by libraries across Europe on the subject of Open Education, by inviting several librarians to converse on the development of Open Education in their respective countries and the growing collaboration on this subject. From capacity building to national projects, librarians are raising awareness and encouraging the adoption of open educational resources in their institutions. This international discussion will allow educators, policymakers and fellow librarians to have an accurate understanding of the progression of OER and open educational practices in various European countries. While some challenges for the development of open education are met everywhere around the globe, European countries also face specific issues, and seek to resolve them through cooperation. By highlighting librarians who are beginning to take action in the path to openness as well as those who can rely on strong communities and national networks, the presentation will aim to showcase and increase collaboration on an international scale.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_90.pdf 📄

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UNESCO OER Action Area: Facilitating international cooperation
Format: Pre-recorded Presentation
Language: English


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Hi everyone !
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Reminder : you can find the presentation here !
I take the opportunity of this post to thank once again all the colleagues who took the time to talk with us about OE/OER in their countries, and a special greeting to @KristopherMeen who appears in person in the presentation :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Additional information : the slides and the video file of this presentation are available to download, share, remix in the spirit of OERs ! They are shared with a CC license and a DOI (10.5281/zenodo.5528938) for easier citations !
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It was great to hear/see how European Libraries are working together beyond the institutional level to improve policies and resources. My favorite slide:

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Thank you @unatdaly ! If anyone has any additional data to provide on librarian/multiprofessional working groups in Europe, do make yourself known, so I can add them on the slide, and, if they are not already on it, on the OER World Map !
Meanwhile, if you are interested, you can visit websites for Educazione Aperta Italia, Open Education Austria, B-OOO.