Find People in the Conference Directory

Our hopes for this kind of conference space are that it provides many ways to connect with and communicate with other attendees. There is no need for name tag glancing here!

You may notice that every post here has an icon representing the author. There is more-- if you click any icon, you can see more information about any participant.

The information shown is drawn from what you entered in the form when you signed up for an account. You can modify your avatar and profile details at any time. Note that you can also send a private message to them via the button on their card.

We have also created a directory of all conference participants to make it easy to locate other people. There are also directories for presenters and sponsors.

It might just be a better way to start conversations and not have to try and sneak a glance at a name tag!


I really like the fact that everyone can be easily found in the directory. It is often the case that when you come to a conference you want to reconnect with old friends or meet someone in particular for the first time. The directory makes that all possible and even better when you click on someone’s name in the directory an option to send them a Message directly pops up eliminating the need to send an email. Let the networking begin!


Dear Paul,

Hope this message finds you well!

Great opportunity to find you. Last time was in Paris at the Open Education Leadership Summit (OELS), December 2018.

You presented the Roadmap Toolkit. Since then I work with open education practices.



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Nice to hear from you.
Hope all is going well with your open education practices work in Brazil.
So fun to connect again here.
Enjoy the conference.


Thanks, Paul and Cogdog for such marvelous efforts in networking, as one’s networking and PLN is the foundation of OE. The directory is a great help to initiate open collaborations without limits and gives us the opportunity to share our ideas, resources, and learning material with our educator friends all over the globe :slightly_smiling_face: once again thank you very much :tulip: for taking OE a step further.

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Great to hear you’re finding he directory helpful and I’m delighted to see this networking activity taking place in advance of the conference. I’m also excited about the way everything put in place for the conference will persist after the conference so really the PLN potential just grows from here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear Paul,
Thanks to you and your entire team for laying down the foundation of this important networking which can really make a difference and can bring people together to work for the common cause of open education.

Hi, this is great. Is there any way to filter/find participants by the kind of topic they may be interested in?

Best wishes,


Hi Felix,

You can get to this information via the profiles you and others created on this site. So when I see your icon, if I want to know about Felix, I click once for the card version for your account, and click again to see full details or

That is more like hunting and exploring.

To find people, we suggest posting a message of interest in the Meet and Greet Area or Convo and Collab.

You could introduce yourself and say what kinds of common interests you are hoping to connect with and maybe discuss more, even suggesting a topic to discuss or suggesting a time to gather.

It’s less algorithmic and perhaps more of the way we do this in face to face gatherings. Maybe…

OK, thanks. Good plan — I’ll post a notice.