Five Days of OEWeek Annotating the International Cooperation Action Area

For Open Education Week 2022 we are stretching three days to five, with a call March 7 - 11, 2022 to annotate the International Cooperation Action Area of the UNESCO Recommendation on OER .

As we are seeing open education awareness building activity from all around the world, it is timely connect as many of the events and resources during OEweek to the Recommendation on OER.

Like we have done before , the time frame is just when we will be calling for activity. As the act of web annotation is largely asynchronous, you are invited to contribute notes before and after these dates.

Why Annotation?

We see web annotation as an opportunity to position our open education work by attaching notes in the Recommendation and to learn from the work of others. Attached to specific words of the Recommendation, annotation offer practical and examples of international cooperation from the field, critical discussions, and insights from a global perspective that can be applied to future implementation strategies for the Recommendation.

It brings a layer of conversational ties to relevant words in the document. And as annotation activity increases, just at a glance at this section, may provide an indication of the progress in this action area or more likely, places that can use more notes.


Adding notes can help collectively expand on the meaning and application by connecting to specific words of this section of the OER Recommendation, and be able to share how/where international cooperation is advancing the use and development of OER.

Learn more about the annotation effort

International Cooperation is…

… hopefully self-explanatory, but as simple as working together, on any level, across national boundaries.

Image by Randhir Kumar from Pixabay

Reply to this post (see button below) to generate discussion around international cooperation, what you have seen of it during OEWeek, and/or (please) post them as annotations in the Pressbooks version of the Recommendation.

Background on this Action Area

The Recommendation on OER describes the Fostering and Facilitating International Cooperation action area:

supporting international cooperation between stakeholders to minimize unnecessary duplication in OER development investments and to develop a global pool of culturally diverse, locally relevant, gender-sensitive, accessible, educational materials in multiple languages and formats.

More specifically Article 15 suggests:

To promote the development and use of OER, Member States should promote and reinforce international cooperation among all relevant stakeholders, whether on a bilateral or multilateral basis.

Prepare for the Five Days of Focus during OEWeek

In These Three Days…

Participate in any way that works for you, we just hope to enrich the text of the Recommendation with a global perspective on the current implementation of International Cooperation and its relationship to expanding the reach of OER and Open Education in general.