Five Stop Local Tour

What if we visited you in your part of the world? What are the 5 key places you might want to show a visiting open educator? What does your “Main Street” look like? What are the places that you would share as a local resident that a tourist may never see?

Post a reply with a local tour of your part of the world, created any way you choose.

It could be a link to a narrated video posted to social media. Or insert 5 pictures with descriptions. Upload your own sketches. Try creating your own Google Map with 5 pinned locations or create a virtual tour..

Explore the other tours shared here. Ask questions or let the author know if you have been there before, or let them know it’s a place you’d like to visit one day.

Welcome to the conference venue at Taipei Medical University!!

This year, the conference was designed to be at the campus of the Taipei Medical University in Taipei, Taiwan. You may not be able to come here. Let me show you the venue (virtually).


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Thank you for the walk through tour, Marian! I can guess everyone here wishes we there to see in person.

And we get the red carpet treatment! Many thanks for all you have done to create this conference experience.

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A city tour in Taipei Metro:
Night markets are the “must-see” tourist site in Taiwan. There are several famous night markets in Taipei. Today, I will show you one of these, the Raohe Street Night Market. It is near the Taipei Songshan Airport, a city airport in Taipei, mostly serves domestic flights.
Let us show you the delicious foods it provides here.
The video is shutting in VR360. Please use your mobile to view it immersively.

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Oh, this is. great Marion.
I’ve checked out drink shop, breakfast and Raohe Street Night Market.

Raohe Street Night Market is my favourite.
The VR360 experience watching it on my cell phone makes it feel like you are right there.
I really like hearing the sounds and music.
And the Know More options are a great addition.
Very cool.
Oh and I choose the Fuzhou Black Pepper Bun, I’ll have one of them please!

I don’t know how many visitors would be interested in local industrial decay, but that’s a big part of what we have to offer in a history that includes welfare capitalism, surveillance technology, and the Twilight Zone. Here’s a Google Map tour: