What is Convo and Collab?

“Conversation and Collaboration” at OE Global 2020 includes informal networking activities, special interest meetings, meetups and other opportunities to connect.

We struggled for a name for this group of activities! It went from “Social and Interactive” days to “Networking Days” before we settled on “Convo and Collab”

In some ways, this is space is meant to provide the types interactions that happen in the hallways at in-person conferences. This might include follow-up discussions with presenters, ad-hoc sessions, special interest group gatherings, and socializing activities. Much is meant to be asynchronous, as a change in activity level from the scheduled program sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

We’ve seeded the area with a few suggested activities, but this is the place where we allow you, conference attendees to suggest a topic to discuss or ask for a group interested in X to reply.

How do you do this? Just click New Topic in the Convo and Collab area.

Initial Convo and Collab Topics