Talk Across All Sessions

Our choice of this conversation-based platform for OE Global 2020 was one where conference presenters and attendees could easily communicate, at any time. This extends farther than a chat session in a presentation, it is part of the fabric of here. Every session at the conference is it’s own conversation.

This our strongest recommendation for participating in the conference is asking questions, sending feedback, and connecting with other participants asynchronously before, during, and after the conference.

Asynchronous Presentations

And we ask extra attention shared to the Anytime Sessions and Posters. Take some time to view these sessions and communicate back by replying to a session that interested you.

When you enter these areas, the activity is listed in order of the most recent, but clicking the Top button at the top of the list will display them in the order of the most activity.

You can really help the conference be successful by contributing to sessions that maybe have not gotten sufficient attention. By sorting the activity in the conference areas by number of replies can find Anytime Sessions Needing Feedback and Posters Needing Feedback

If you find a session that is worth discussing even more, just post a reply to this topic with its link and help direct more conversation to the present or presenters.

Followup On Live Sessions

We also urge conference attendees to return to entries for live sessions they attended to again send feedback, ask questions, or just open dialogue with the presenters. Or maybe you can scan the materials and recordings for sessions you were not able to attend.

Use these features to engage with the Keynote sessions, Live Presentations, Workshops, and our Sponsor Exhibits and Sessions.

Be Active, Asynchronously

While this conference cannot replicate the excitement of being at an OE Global Conference in person, this facility to have ongoing dialogue is something we can do in greater amounts here online.

And you can do this at times most convenient to you.