Invitation to Alignment Assembly on Generative AI and the Commons

My friends at OpenFuture invite you to participate in the Alignment Assembly on AI and the Commons—an asynchronous, virtual conversation on principles and considerations for regulating generative AI.

On 13th February, they will be launching a participative process with open movement activists, creators, and organizations building and stewarding the digital commons.

To join, please use the signup form on the project’s webpage: Alignment Assembly on AI and the Commons – Open Future

I’ve signed up and hope to see many of you involved too.

Here is some more information from the organizers:

Over the course of a month, we will conduct a virtual assembly through a digital generative voting platform called We will launch the process on February 13th and organize a check-in call after one week of running the project, on February 20th.

We hope that you will find this interesting and decide to participate in this assembly. Your voice and participation are particularly important to us, and we invite you to be part of a committed audience for this project. We would be grateful for your support in promoting this assembly, and in return, we would like to invite you to an internal presentation of the results, where you will be able to give feedback on the final report.

In order to join the assembly, please use the signup form to leave your email so we can invite you to the assembly. Additionally, we hope that you will send out this invitation to other people who are interested in these topics. We are counting on a snowball effect and will appreciate you sharing this message with several colleagues.

Finally, we are seeking organizations that want to support the assembly by helping to promote the project and use your logo as a “committed audience.” If your organization is interested in doing this, please let us know.

If you have any questions, please contact project leads: Alek Tarkowski at or Shannon Hong at


Thanks Paul, I too have signed up, and am interested to experience this format. Perhaps others who will attend can let us know and we can try to bring information back to OEGlobal.

Do you think we should be a committed organization?

Hi @cogdog.
Great to hear you signed up.
Yes, I too am very interested in this format and participative process for engaging a community. Has a lot of potential, but it’s challenging to manage such a process, ensure all voices are heard, and arrive at some kind of consensus.

I encourage OEGlobal to be a committed organization though I think doing so should be based on some kind of gauge of the extent of member interest.

I notice from Mastodon and OEGConnect that you’ve got your spark back. So good to see. :clap: :hugs:

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Hi @paulstacey, thanks for letting us know! I registered and invited colleagues to do the same, and I am really curious about the participative process and how the complexities are managed.

Just spotted a bit of a preview from an August 2023 Creative Commons discussion event at Wikimania that used the discussion tool