:sync: MoodleNet as a Way to Organise OER Globally

Author: Martin Dougiamas
Institution: Moodle Pty Ltd
Country: Australia

Topic: Technologies for Open Education
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Facilitating int cooperation
Session Format: Presentation


Some constant issues in the development of OER have been the fragmented nature of what gets developed, the variable quality and the questions about suitability of older content. To compound these problems, OER is generally spread across a number of servers world wide that may not have good sustainability, and are thus subject to risk of being lost.

In the presentation, I present MoodleNet as an Open Edtech solution, developed by Moodle, that attempts to address these problems using the power of the crowd on an federated system to distribute the work, distribute the risk, and improve the signal-to-noise ratio experienced by any educator or student searching for open educational resources.


moodlenet, open edtech, oer


Looking forward to your presentation. I have also developed some courses for my students on https://blendedlearning.gnomio.com/. It would be a great pleasure to learn from you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Video is now available:

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hey Jure, it’s marked “private” still. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve fixed the link