Nodo REA: una propuesta para democratizar el acceso (REA Node: a proposal to democratize access) :sync:

Fabiola Cantero Acosta (Universidad Estatal a Distancia de Costa Rica), Diana Hernández Montoya (Universidad Estatal a Distancia de Costa Rica), Ana María Sandoval Poveda (Universidad Estatal a Distancia de Costa Rica), Mildred Acuña Sossa (Universidad Estatal a Distancia de Costa Rica)

How has the Universidad Estatal a Distancia de Costa Rica maintained its presence in the Open Educational Movement for 11 years? To answer this question, we have analyzed the path followed and the decisions taken in each of the areas of action set out in the UNESCO Recommendations document, namely: Capacity Building, Policy Development, Promoting Access, Creating Sustainability Models and International Cooperation.

This experience is not intended to be exhaustive, but to share how over the years, and according to the experience of UNED, the creation of a Node is an excellent option to remain active and current in this Movement. This Node integrates UNED staff members who not only have knowledge and experience in projects and proposals for Open Educational Resources and Practices, but are also characterized by their commitment and passion for providing open access to what they create and for systematizing the processes through which they do it, in order to make it available to others.

It is thanks to this Node that the importance and commitment to openness has spread to the different strategic areas of the University: research, teaching, production of materials, extension and even university management for decision making.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_43.pdf 📄

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