OEAwards 2022 Shortlist of Finalists Announced

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In 2022, we’re announcing first the #OEAwards shortlist of finalists. The shortlist celebrates 12 open leaders and 33 open education initiatives and practices that have been shortlisted across the 14 awards categories.


Such an exciting list of finalists!! Congratulations to everyone involved!


So excited to see the names of these amazing open education leaders and projects from around the globe, congratulations to all!


Great list of people and I am honored to be in the same list of open practitioners and advocates!


:star_struck:Amazing list of people and I am honoured to be in the list! This gives me more encouragement and power to advocate more and do more exciting works in and with OER! Congratulations to all the finalists!! :clap:


Wow, I am thrilled to be mentioned among these wonderful people! Congrats to all finalists


Congratulations to all the shortlisted finalists
Congratulations Sushumana ma 'am


Congratulations ma’am
Very glad to see your name among the shorlisted finalist.

Congrats to all the nominees! Feels great to have our project included among all this great stuff! :blush:


I agree with everyone that seeing the list of finalists is both exciting and positive to share the work of nominees broadly. And now we can create some anticipation for next week’s announcement of winners (in my book all are winners, but I am not a judge!).

And @greeneterry way to go with two nominations! you will be in charge of the scheduling from everyone who was part of the Liberated Learners project for a podcast!

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Congratulations to everyone, I still can’t believe it.


If you will help me edit an audacity file with 120 tracks, I am down for it!

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Congratulations to all.

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Congratulations to all the nominees. Wonderful to see you nominated for the leadership Award Ebba Ossiannilsson.


At OEGlobal we think all these Open Education Awards for Excellence “Finalists” are amazing open education initiatives. Many thanks to those of you in the community who nominated them.

This year OEGlobal is pleased to be showcasing more Open Education Awards for Excellence nominees, not just “Winners”.
Appreciation and recognition are two key motivators in the open education field and the OEGlobal Open Education Awards for Excellence are one of the means by which exemplary work and people in the open education field are surfaced, celebrated, and honoured.

It’s heartwarming to read through this growing list of congratulations and encouragement.
Keep it coming.

We hope you take the time to learn more about these people and projects. Their work deserves to be amplified, replicated, and extended. To help you explore and learn more finalists profiles and project links are available here.

Reuse, collaboration and extension of a peers work is one of the greatest forms of appreciation in open education. Let us know how you build on these Finalists work.

Big congrats to all involved.


Sounds like several of these would fit right into that Home - Encore+ Project survey @RobertFarrow !
ENCORE+ OER Innovation (onlinesurveys.ac.uk)

Congrtulation to all

A deeply regards for your all work.

Hope soon some new member will be in the list for there work too.

Blessing all around


Many many Congratulations!!

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