OEGlobal 2021 Platinum Sponsor: Frontiers for Young Minds

Laura Henderson, Head of Program for Public Outreach at Frontiers

Frontiers for Young Minds provides an amazing collection of freely available scientific articles across six broad scientific fields shown below.

Written by distinguished scientists, each article is reviewed and shaped by an editorial board of young reviewers between the ages of 8 and 15 years old. This unique process introduces and, more importantly, actively involves young kids and teenagers in the scientific process and directly connects them with the active scientists of today. The scientists themselves draw a huge benefit also as this process allows them to greatly improve their skills in communicating their work to a lay audience and provides them with a direct connection to the scientists of tomorrow.

Even before the publication of our first 50 articles, the quality of Frontiers for Young Minds was recognized as one of the American Library Association’s 2014 Great Websites for Kids. Moreover, the journal has been able to attract significant international funding allowing us to publish articles in two additional languages, Hebrew and Arabic.

Frontiers for Young Minds is part of Frontiers, a leading Open Access Publisher and Open Science Platform.

Frontiers journals are led and peer-reviewed by editorial boards of over 100,000 top researchers. Covering more than 900 academic disciplines, we are one of the largest and highest-cited publishers in the world. To date, our freely accessible research articles have received over 1 billion views and downloads and 1.6 million citations.

Frontiers strives to continuously empower the academic community with innovative solutions that improve how science is published, evaluated and communicated to researchers, innovators and the public.

OE Global 2021 Conference Activities

Message us during the conference @savagewm

See below for ways to learn more about Frontiers for Young Minds and how to connect with them during the conference.


If you wish to find out more about Frontiers for Young Minds, you can ‘attend’ our pre-recorded OE Global Presentation

Live Sessions

If you want to chat and have any of your questions answered during this week’s online conference, please join us at the times below when our team will be available on Zoom!



:tv: :arrow_right: Join us in Zoomif you were not able to join us today but would like to see the live session, please find the recording here



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Contact Us

:email: kids@frontiersin.org
:link:  https://kids.frontiersin.org/
twitter https://twitter.com/frontyoungminds
facebook https://www.facebook.com/FrontiersForYoungMinds
linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/frontiers


Laura Henderson, Head of Public Outreach for Frontiers for Young Minds, is pleased to present and share with you this pre-recorded presentation “Open Pedagogy - Kids Review Scientists” describing how children, or young people, who work with the journal are peer reviewers of real scientists.

Laura is keen to dialog with other open pedagogy practitioners.

Your comments, questions and expressions of interest are welcome.


Laura and Frontiers for Young Minds team, thank you for being part of the OEGlobal conference this year.

I just want to say that I find your engagement of young people as peer reviewers of scientists work inspiring. I love your interest in ensuring that science is understandable by kids. Kudos for modelling such a unique, inclusive and co-creative process for open pedagogy. So fascinating that kids are the toughest peer reviewers scientists have ever experienced. Great to hear too that your initiative is expanding into other languages, something OEGlobal is also trying to do with this years conference.

I’m wondering if you source from kids key science based questions they want to understand? And then try to find sources that help provide answers? Just wondering to what extent this work is being driven by and surfacing the kind of science research kids have a high interest in.

I hope others are similarly inspired and connect with you through the many ways your presentation outlines on how to get involved.

Thanks again.


Thank you for your kind post, @paulstacey!

Indeed one of our top goals for 2022 is to expand into at least 2 new languages (having already translated much of our content into Hebrew and Arabic).

In answer to your question: we do want to take a more pro-active approach, going forward, to addressing the questions kids are really searching for answers to. We plan to seek out Collections of articles around these key topics in the coming year, and ongoing, so if you or anyone else knows a really hot topic - for exams, for general interest, for answering those key questions about whether sci-fi is possible - please get in touch with myself at laura.henderson@frontiersin.org, or kids@frontiersin.org for the whole team!


Here’s our Young Minds Remix postcard! Get in touch with us! :slight_smile:


Hello Laura, Will and Anastasia,

Thank you very much for an engaging and inspirational session today. Please do share the link to the recording when available. The work that you do at Frontiers for Young Minds is impressive. I would like to encourage all participants in the Conference to explore the Journal and possibilities for getting involved (as articulated by Laura) below:

  1. Write a Young Minds version of one of your published articles
  2. Host a Young Minds Collection
  3. Become a Science Mentor
  4. Help with the dissemination of Journal’s outputs
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Hi @igorlesko - thanks for your kind words, and your interest and excellent questions in our live session!

The recording is now updated for you, please see the link which replaces the live session link on the Sponsor page post above.


Hello @LauraHenderson,

Thank you very much also for posting the recording link.


@OE Global attendees - don’t forget to come and join us for our live session today:

  • 14:00 UTC

  • 16:00 CET

  • 07:00 PST

If you don’t have time to watch our pre-recorded talk before joining, I’ll recap it before we open the floor for questions. Looking forward to meeting you all later!

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Thanks for the blog coverage of your conference experience!

We appreciate all you contributed to the event.

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Thank you Alan!
We enjoyed the event very much, the OE Global team did an exemplary job, and I’m looking forward to meeting with @paulstacey to continue the discussions, and our whole team is excited for the in-person event in Nantes in 2022!

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