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Dominic Orr, Tel Amiel, Mojca Drevenšek and Ana Fabjan

One of the key objectives and areas of action of the UNESCO Recommendation on OER is about developing supportive policy. This area of action focuses on encouraging governments, education authorities and institutions to adopt regulatory frameworks to support open licensing of publicly funded educational and research materials, to develop strategies to enable the use and adaptation of OER in support of high quality, inclusive education and lifelong learning for all.

At the webinar, course professors and students will present how the use of both instruments (Guidelines and the Game) has shown itself as a powerful mechanism to analyze and create a roadmap for OER and Open Education policy for organizations and groups. Namely, as the final assignment of the Open Education Strategies one-semester course (winter 2020/21), students were asked to reflect on an existing case, which they knew well, and to apply what they had learnt in the course to considerations for developing an open education policy for this case. The students and their academic supervisors prof. Dominic Orr and prof. Tel Amiel are proud to share these reflections at the OE Global conference in the hope that they may contribute to a rich and comprehensive debate around developing open education policies around the world.

• The first case, written by Mojca Drevenšek, aims to foster non-formal open education of multi-stakeholder clean energy communities in Europe, related to the H2020 research project NEWCOMERS.

• The second case, written by Ana Fabjan, drafts an open policy roadmap for an existing online mentoring program entitled “Open Education for a Better World (OE4BW)”

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_141.pdf 📄

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UNESCO OER Action Area: Building capacity, Developing supportive policy

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Before the webinar the authors will be asked to reply below with links to their presentation materials, related videos, and other relevant links, as well as prompts for discussion here.

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To know more about the cases and other work being produced as part of the Masters Program (Leadership in Open Education) at UNG, see our community in Zenodo! Leadership in Open Education | Zenodo #openaccess

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In this OER Policy webinar, I’ll be presenting the case study of developing an OER policy/strategy for the European (Horizon2020) research project titled NEWCOMERS, where we explore new clean energy communities in Europe.

One of the key dissemination resources of the NEWCOMERS project is the online educational platform Our Energy which we want to make as OPEN as possible.

Welcome to the webinar where I’ll briefly present some of the OPEN dimensions we plan to implement for this research project (Open access, Open science, Open education, OER…).

Some materials and links of interest that were part of the presentation :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Guidelines on the development of open educational resources policies: https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000371129
  2. Open Policy Game: https://aberta.org.br/oe-game (portuguese, english, spanish) and also an online version on Tabletopia!
  3. Newcomers project: https://www.newcomersh2020.eu
  4. Open Education for a Better World: OE4BW
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Great collaboration, team! This way of participating all was excellent.
The three projects are going on, and I just hope to see how they materialize into the spread of open practices.