OER Without Borders :async:

Maria Beebe (Kaisipan, Inc), Mike Dawson (Ustadmobile), Imelda Parcasio (Benguet State University)

OER without Borders

This interactive session will promote and stimulate cross-border collaboration and alliances on OER projects and programs by leveraging existing Kaisipan, USTADMobile, and Benguet State University collaboration and their partnerships with public and private sector organizations.

Using the USTAD Mobile platform, we will initiate a forum that engages online conference participants to generate two outcomes: (1) a rubric for content curation for the Cordilleras region in the Philippines and (2) curated OERs that are aligned to the rubric. Participants’ will choose a workgroup reflecting their subject matter and grade level (K-12) and college-level specialization and/or interests.

Kaisipan is a not-for-profit US NGO with a vision of transforming learning and teaching through digital educational resources. Kaisipan’s mission is digital capabilities for all educators in the Philippines. Digital capabilities are a set of cognitive, technical, and humanizing competencies to iLEARN, iCREATE, iSHARE. Kaisipan's three-pronged learning and teaching approach will harmonize (1) learner-centered pedagogy that balances knowledge with social-emotional learning, (2) curation, alignment, and creation of open education resources (OER), and (3) leveraging last-mile intermediate technologies.

Ustad Mobile is an open-source app designed from the ground up to work where others struggle. The app connects learners wirelessly with each other and to educational content, even when they are not connected to the Internet. Ustad Mobile is based in the UAE.

Benguet State University’s (BSU) vision is to become an International University engendering graduates to walk the intergenerational highways. The mission is to: Challenge Innovation, Advance technology and facility, Revitalize administration, Engender partnership and Serve intergenerational role (BSU CARES). The College of Teacher Education advocates excellent teacher education programs and services that prepare professionals who are committed to care, touch, and empower lives. BSU is located in the cordilleras and is home to indigenous peoples, collectively referred to as Igorots

Dr. Maria Beebe (Kaisipan), Mike Dawson (USTADMobile), and Dr.Imelda Parcasio (BSU) will initiate the online discussions, suggest templates and existing rubrics, and provide some background material, including overview information about the Philippines most essential learning competencies, background information about the Cordilleras and its indigenous peoples, and some OER repositories that BSU has deemed useful for the area. The plan is for the facilitators and the participants to co-create the desired outcomes of a rubric with quality criteria and curated OERs of this interactive session. Participants will be invited to continue the discussion and suggest how to revise and remix learning resources.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_75.pdf 📄

Activity Details

UNESCO OER Action Area: Facilitating international cooperation
Format: Asynchronous Interactive Activity
Language: English


This activity can be completed at any time during (or after) the conference.

Instructions and materials for the activity will be added below by the authors. They will provide specific details on how to participate and what to share back as a response to the activity.