Reengineering open educational practices for systemic change :sync:

Shironica P. Karunanayaka (The Open University of Sri Lanka), Som Naidu (Technology, Education, Design Associates)

While the role of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP) is widely acknowledged, examples of systematic as well as systemic adoption of OER and OEP are few and far between. The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL), in partnership with international organizations such as the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and CEMCA (Commonwealth Education Media Center for Asia), has been trying to address this deficit in the region through various initiatives. In this webinar we will discuss four such initiatives implemented by the OUSL since 2013, in relation to promoting the adoption of OER and OEP among practitioners at various levels. These were: integration of ICT and OER into teacher education programmes and capacity building of teacher educators at OUSL; implementation of a fully online Professional Development Programme on OER-based e-learning for educators at OUSL; integrating OER in the teaching-learning process by secondary school teachers in Sri Lanka; and design, development, implementation, and evaluation of continuing professional development MOOCs on the adoption of OER and OEP by practitioners. All these initiatives address the UNESCO OER Recommendation 1 - Strategically plan and support OER capacity building, awareness raising, use, creation and sharing at the institutional and national levels, targeting all education sectors and levels. Our focus in this webinar will be on the capacity development of individuals as well as educational institutions. We will share our experiences and reflections to demonstrate individual as well as institutional capacity building on the adoption of OER and OEP.

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UNESCO OER Action Area: Inclusive and equitable OER, Building capacity

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