Remix the Postcard (again): Around the Open Education World in 5 Days

As a repeat to a popular activity from 2022, we share with you make use of a remixable digital postcards courtesy of the OE Week Fabulous Remixer Machine by @VisualThinkery

Share where you are planning to go, what you plan to do, wether in person or virtually, for Open Education Week 2023.

When you go to the Gallery for this year’s card, you are free to change it up by uploading a photo (perhaps a screenshot for an event you are attending, or a photo representing where in the world it is happening), maybe change the image for the stamp, change the name of person or group you are sending to, change the sender to represent yourself, and of course, compose a message for the card.

Changes you can make to the remixable postcard for Around the Open Education World in Five Days

Then click Publish as a New Remix to add it to the gallery. Then you can share it via Twitter or download your card as an image to share any other way (like as a reply below!)

Are you ready to remix? Just start by following the link from our gallery seed postcard and remix to make it your own!

Remix and Share

OEweek2023 remixable postcard
Around the World digital postcard by Alan Levine shared CC-BY based on Pixabay image by Artsy Bee, A Sky View of Earth From Suomi NPP flickr photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license, plus the OEweek 2023 logo shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license.

Are you ready to remix?
:arrow_forward: Fabulously Remix the OEWeek Postcard!

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Every year I enjoy “visiting” the submissions from the TUDelft We Like Sharing photo competition. The quality of photos is of highest quality and the embracing of open sharing and licensing from the collection available in flickr, is the essence of openness.

I liked making this card! but even more this year’s theme “What Does Open Mean to You?”

We Like Sharing remix postcard
Remixer Machine Postcard by Alan Levine is licenced CC-BY-SA 4.0 based on Colourful People flickr photo by We Like Sharing shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

And as a bonus, we get to see the scenery and places people live and work in The Netherlands.

We Like Sharing is a photo bank of highly recyclable, multiple-use images created by TU Delft staff, students, alumni, their friends and families. In the last two years, over 130 lovely people have shared 795 photographs that have received more than 333K views. All these images, absolutely every single one of them, is available for reuse. Do you love your billie cups and cutlery sets? We Like Sharing can give you that happy feeling that warms your heart and sets your toes a tinglin’ knowing that you are not infringing copyright

And this year this is a People’s Choice awards so keep your eye on the project’s web site so you can learn how to vote.

Kudos to @bdelosarcos for running We Like Sharing year after year.

@OEGconnect - our Frontiers for Young Minds journal is going to China!

恭喜!That’s fantastic news, Laura, I can see the reach of Frontiers for Young Minds going everywhere.

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The leadership team of RIOS has been meeting for the last 2 days in Miami, Florida.
I am thrilled to be a part of this excellent and committed group of thought leaders!

Hello Florida! I think from Miami you need a sun or a palm tree for the stamp!

Except I’ve been inside of a building for 2 days!!

Sadly the only people I knew were in Miami, Arizona!

FYI- winners of We Like Sharing 2023 contest announced