Solving challenges of sustainability of community engagement for OER :sync:

Juliane Granly (International Council for Open, Distance Education, ICDE), Torunn Gjelsvik (International Council for Open, Distance Education, ICDE)

Building on the inception of the ENCORE+ European OER Ecosystem, this presentation will discuss the future of OER Ecosystems by presenting and engaging the participants on the future of the community. The goal of this presentation is to address issues of long term community engagement. The attendees of OE Global, and subsequently the beneficiaries and stakeholders of the project are key to sustaining the Ecosystem.

ENCORE+ will present the feedback and lessons learned from the already completed circle community events, research findings, and address challenges and opportunities of leadership and engagement across the continent to sustain the Ecosystem. We will present and reflect on sustainability of community initiatives, and open this up to the global education community for sharing ideas and resources after the presentation on OEG Connect.

Furthermore the presentation will discuss sustainability of community initiatives, to find key drivers of the same. The participants will join in on the important discussion on what sustains an initiative after a project's funding has been exhausted. Creation of informal and formal networks for OER is key to the implementation of the OER recommendation, especially to avoid duplication and to maximize on the opportunities of with OER.

The presentation will be of interest to anyone interested in OER in Europe and the topic of sustained and impactful international collaboration. Additionally, the presentation addresses long term sustainability of community/network based projects, which will likely resonate with many participants.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_104.pdf 📄

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