Suggest Specific OER For Ukrainian Learners

As many worthy efforts have unfolded to support the citizens of the Ukraine affected by the attacks from Russia, we are aiming to respond as open educators. We had a bit of a start with an general discussion here during Open Education Week:

Since then a small group launched by leaders of Open Education for a Better World (OE4BW) including Tanja Urbancic , @njermol, Gasper Hrastelj, plus myself for OEGlobal and @JamesGG initiated some basic research based on a specific set of content needs provided by the Ukraine Ministry of Education (primary and secondary level in several subject areas).

Can you help suggest more specific OERs?

A quickly made graphic by Alan Levine shared under a Creative Commons BY) license

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How to Participate

Can you help identify potential OER for these areas? Where should we look to find more? We are seeking suggestions for OER that are (of course not all are possible).

  • preferably existing courses or modules that cover a range of content areas
  • ideally in Ukraine (but not required)
  • in formats that might lend themselves to translation
  • openly licensed

Amongst the 43 content areas listed, these are of the highest priority:

  • ID 02 Ukrainian Language and Literature (Primary GR 1-4)
  • ID 03 Math Science (Primary GR 1-2)
  • ID 04 Math Science (Primary GR 3-4)
  • ID 05 I study the world (Primary GR 1-4)
  • ID 06 Foreign language (Primary GR 1)
  • ID 07 Foreign language (Primary GR 2-4)
  • ID 28 Ukrainian language (Secondary GR 5-6)
  • ID 29 Ukrainian language (Secondary GR 7)
  • ID 33 Math Science (Secondary GR 5-6)
  • ID 34 Geometry (Secondary GR 8)
  • ID 35 Natural Science (Secondary GR 8)
  • ID 39 History of Ukraine (Secondary GR 5)
  • ID 40 History of Ukraine (Secondary GR 7-11)
  • ID 41 History (integrated course) (Secondary GR 6)

See a very preliminary set of OER found matched to the need areas

If you can provide specific ones below or share via a google form, we will add them to this document

Discussion Prompts

  • What are some good sources of Primary/Secondary OER to add to our cursory list? Are there collections at the state/province/country level?
  • Who might be able to assist with translation of content to Ukrainian?
  • Are you interested in being part of this effort?
  • What can we do to advance this effort?

I was impressed to discover PHET has more than 150 math and science simulations in Ukrainian – all CC-BY.

Likewise the LibreText K12 library can be viewed via machine translation in Ukrainian

This relevant Eden webinar overlaps with the conference but I hope to watch the recording later.