The 30 Second Welcome Challenge: Bonjour OEGlobal 22!

Rather than a professionally edited conference message, the organizing team shared a mosaic of greetings in different languages.

These are all 30 second clips recorded in FlipGrid (no easy task!).

Enjoy the current collection of welcome greetings with more to come (that means from you, see below) .


Would you like to add your Bonjour/Hola/مرحبًا/你好/Hello message! We invite all participants, whether they are in Nantes or Not in Nantes, to record a 30 second greeting.

Just visit to record a greeting.

Note that there is no need to join the group, use the guest password box and enter HelloNantes to access the recorder:

We look forward to adding your greeting to the mix above.

Great idea, looking forward to see more videos :slight_smile:

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