The Interactivity Strand in the Summer Adventure: What Kind of H5P Do You Want

When the CCCOER leadership team polled participants for interests, we saw spikes if interest in the H5P technology tools. This of course is not the only kind of tool one might consider for interactivity (and we are open to others, so let us know what you are interested in). We will build a series of activities you can pick up any time during the summer adventure.

Let’s start with getting an idea of your interest. Yes, a poll!

What is your level of experience in H5P?

  • None. Is it a sauce? I am curious. But novice.
  • I heard of it. People in my networks are talking about it. I want to be in with the cool people
  • A little. I have seen examples, demos, maybe a workshop. I still have questions on how ti works
  • Cooking already. I am using it now in my materials. But I can always get more practice
  • Top Chef. I know it fairly well and would enjoy helping others

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From the “Kitchen”

I’ve been involved over the last year supporting faculty for a BCcampus project providing grants to augment existing open textbooks with H5P activities aimed at providing practice problems (part of a larger project looking at Open Homework Systems).

So I will draw upon work and resources from the H5P Kitchen:

and also using some materials from a February 2021 workshop for the Arizona OER Conference

Before jumping into tools I prefer to ask people to spend time looking at existing H5P content to appreciate what it can (and can’t do). We then will sort out issues of where/how you can do the building (one of the advantages of H5P is that s works in multiple platforms). And then we will get into the making of stuff.

The Summer Plan

My plan is to roll out some prompts every week or two, suggestions for activities, and go in directions based upon the interests of those who show up. Use the space here to ask questions, share examples, and serve up some fine H5P cooked activities.

I hope we have some people who want to cook this summer with H5P…

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Question - best method to import mp4 files in press book?

Videos in mp4 format can be uploaded as media the same way images are done, see media formats:

Some considerations are going to come into play depending where your book is hosted, there might be limits on upload size. And performance of video from the hosted version of a book is going to vary depending on server infrastructure. Plus it will increase to file size of the book, which can be a factor when someone wants to reuse it.

I would be hesitant to upload anything longer than a super short clip.

Video performance will always be better when ti is hosted on a platform designed to host media, whether it is services like YouTube, vimeo etc, or if you have access to an institutional media server.

Thanks. I was thinking the videos would be better if they are stored on the media server. We use canvas and I post short videos from screen-cast-o matic but I want the videos to look professional with a green screen. Time for me to call media.

As a former «garde-manger» (“pantry supervisor”?), I’ve been doing a «mise en place» (“kitchen setup”) so that teachers in our network (most of them Francophones) feel comfortable in the H5P kitchen.

Which involves tasting some previously-made dishes, sourcing the main ingredients, selecting some spices…

While many teachers leave during the Summer, those who stay tend to be the ones who are willing to try new flavours.

The metaphor seems to play out better en françcais! I’d be eager to hear, see, click to learn more about your mise en place.

I am still trying to figure out how to get things rolling here.