The OEG 2020 Conference View From Where I Sit

We are all at this conference together even if not in the same room building, city, country. As a means of sharing the experience, we invite everyone to share, as a reply to this topic, a photo or just a text description of the place you are participating in the conference.

This might be your kitchen table, an office, a desk in your den, your back yard. If you share a photo, try to include the device you are connecting with, but also as much of the room or view beyond.

To post a photo, try the Add Image button in the editor or, if on a computer, dragging an icon for the photo directly into the editor.

Note: This activity has been done in a number of online conferences, but I know it as something online instructor Donna Rebadow did for classes in the late 1980s conducted in text only forums. See:

What does your view of the conference look like? Show us the view from your conference seat.

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my view

Well, the finally day is here so I can officially post “MY VIEW” for DAY 1 of the conference. I think I’m ready … :oeg: :open_smiley: :cntower: :delft:



Here’s where I’m sitting tonight as I await the opening and first keynote of the conference from Taiwan.

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I am ready I think. I hope, my neighbour won`t do his madness with heavy gardening today :wink:

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Hi all! I just attended Rob Farrow’s interesting presentation as you can see :slight_smile:

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